Gemstones: Your Fate, Revealed

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We all know that the colors we’re most drawn to can say a lot about our personality type, but did you know your favorite gemstone can give you clues into your future, your personality & more? How cool!

Pick the stone you’re drawn the most to, and then read on to find out your fate.


If you were drawn to the pearl, you’re dignified and prideful. You’re wise, charitable, and often pure. You’re calm, kind, and think before you speak. The pearl also indicates that you may be nearing a moment of transformation.


If you were drawn to the ruby, you’re often passionate, intense, and lively. You always make waves and know how to make someone’s blood boil. You’re full of energy and if you’re fighting against something, the other side will rue the day.


If you stopped at the diamond, you’re strong, determined and proud. You give strength to the people around you. Diamond itself means “unbreakable” and “untamed.” You are fearless and bold. New adventures may be headed your way.

Blue topaz

People drawn to blue topaz are calm and collected, often reflective and enjoying in the quiet moments in life. You have strong, soothing energy and your communication skills are impeccable. Those skills will come in handy in your life.


If you chose the peridot, you’re curious by nature and tend to radiate joy. The peridot is somewhat mysterious and rare. They’re found buried underground or in meteorites whipping through space.


If you chose aquamarine, you’re likely drawn to the ocean and compassionate. Your debates are spirited and your adventures, well, extra adventurous. You may also be drawn to the moon. If you’ve been bored lately, you’re likely to attract something new and fun.


If you were attracted to tanzanite, you’re sensuous, sharp, and passionate. You have a strong aura that people love to be near. This stone is often used in psychic explorations and is strongly connected to the other side. If you were drawn to it, remember that you need to trust your instincts. They’re not often wrong.


If you were drawn to citrine, you’re bubbly, creative, and fairly zesty. You may also be warm and kind. Citrine represents zing and freshness. People drawn to this stone likely value teamwork. If you chose citrine, you’re the kind of person who shines through dark clouds.

Pink tourmaline

People drawn to pink tourmaline are soft, sensitive, and compassionate. They tend to be sincere and are refreshing to be around. That’s not to suggest you’re a pushover, however. Scientists found that an electric charge was emitted from the stone when rubbed or heated. You can get pretty electric when heated or rubbed the wrong way yourself.


You’re the vibrant, brainy one if you were drawn to amethyst. You exude strength and honor in everything in your life. Nothing stands in your way. You make an excellent parent figure, but don’t forget to have fun sometimes.

(Source: Higher Perspective)

Tragus piercings are a popular type of cartilage piercing. The small, projecting part on the inner side of the ear is pierced with a stud or a ring. Many of our cartilage earrings can be worn in both the upper cartilage and the tragus. It all depends on your style and level of comfort.

Confused as to where to look for jewelry specific to your piercing? Look no further!

When in doubt, just make sure you’re looking for something that fits the gauge you were pierced at. 16-18 gauge are the average, but always check with your piercer to be sure.

Celebrate your true colors, July babies!

Rubies are one of the four precious gemstones, alongside emerald, sapphire and diamonds. Their monetary value is derived from the coloration of the stone – the brighter the red, the higher the value. Not to mention they were a part of the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection! They’re also known to bring good fortune and used as a symbol of noblemen in Indian and Asian cultures.


The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they’ll be exempt and free
From love’s doubts and anxiety.
- “Unknown Author” Tiffany & Co. Pamphlet, 1870.


Trending: Rose Gold Body Jewelry

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One of the hottest trending pieces this year, rose gold body jewelry creates an aesthetic of luxury. These pieces go great with everything from evening wear to a swim suit, and pair particularly well with tanned skin and white fabrics. If you’re tired of steel or white gold, but yellow gold isn’t really your thing, try rose gold as an alternative. It’s warm tone compliments most skin and is a definite eye-catcher!

Looking to switch up your style without any commitment? Faux septum rings are the way to go, these luxurious and exotic styles add mystery and allure to any look. These darlings can also be layered or paired with pierced jewelry as well.

Adorn your delicate digits with beautiful cocktail rings, get the high fashion look without the price tag. Available also in mid ring styles, you can mix, match and layer these stunning styles to put the finishing touches on your ensemble.

Find all of the pieces in these sets by checking out our Polyvore! http://bodycandy.polyvore.com/


Mix & Match Plugs

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Have you ever wondered why plugs are commonly sold individually? One reason is that skin stretches at different rates, even on the same person. Not everyone will wear the exact same size in both ears. It’s also becoming more common to stretch other piercings other than the earlobe (ie. nostril & lip.)

Another reason to sell plugs individually is to leave the creativity up to the customer. Mixing and matching your plugs is a fun and unique way to express your pierced pride!

For the brave creative ones out there, switching up the colors can really make a statement! Add a little bit of glitter, you’re all set to start the next trend.

What is Bamboo Tattooing?

Also known as Yantra, it originates in Thailand where it is commonly practiced, this is also common in Myanmar. Bamboo tattooing is the art of tattooing using very fine needles attached to the end of a thin piece of bamboo. Commonly,  5 needles are used but this can vary according to tattoo type and size. The needles are put in a line instead of gathered in a round pattern,  so that a very fine line can be achieved. This is then gently tapped into the skin. This is usually performed by  ruesiwicha (magic) practitioners, and Buddhist monks.

How does this process differ from modern tattooing?

With bamboo tattooing, the skin is punctured but not torn, which results in a significant reduction in pain and bleeding. This results in little to no scabbing, unlike most machine tattoos. This allows the tattoo to heal more quickly, about 4 days. And because there is less trauma to the the skin, there is less bleeding which can push the color out of the skin. This allows the to ink settle deeply and no color is lost. Bamboo tattoos tend to maintain their color very well, staying bold and  bright. Due to all these factors, there’s no problem going into the sun immediately following the bamboo method of tattooing. Many agree that this method is 90% less painful than machine tattooing. This varies person to person, some find it to be more so than machine tattooing, it all depends on your body and the area you are tattooing.

Bamboo tattoos are recommended for delicate areas to tattoo such as feet, which are not ideal areas for the machine to tattoo due to inevitable rubbing and fading caused by wearing socks and footwear. Also, this area is very thin skin over bone, which is widely known to be a very painful area to tattoo.


Steal The Style: Edgy or Floral

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You know when you’re surfing Pinterest and you see the cutest outfit, but you really want to tie in your awesome body mods? We know that feel!

For an edgy and totally Body Candy look, try fun prints like cherries accented with bold reds. We’ve got plenty of cherry style body jewelry, and even more body jewelry with red gems! Make it fun and playful with watermelons, owls, kitties. The possibilities are endless.

More of a classic, floral girl? You can easily score this look. Our newest septum clickers are a great way to accessorize like a goddess! Add a little bit of shine with some simple rose gold plated tunnels, or match up a pair of clear acrylic plugs with flowers to a pretty sundress.

Anyone who has piercings can enthusiastically say they love their body jewelry, but sometimes getting those beautiful adornments in and out of their homes on your body can be frustrating. That’s why we here at BodyCandy are proud to offer tools that make your life a little easier, and getting your look perfected even more attainable.

Captive Rings or often known as BCRs, come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but as those who have tried to wear them know, they can be downright impossible. The solution is to make it easier for the ball the pop in and out of the ring, so here we have ring opening pliers. These when used properly, will create enough wiggle room, to allow the ball to be more easily placed onto the ring.  The instructions for use read as such:

1. Place nose of opening pliers into the center of the captive ring.

2. Squeeze handles until the captive ring is held fast by the pliers and rests within the appropriate grooves.

3. Squeeze the handles gently until the captive opens just slightly and the captive bead comes loose. Be careful not to squeeze the captive too much or the piece may become damaged.

Start by using the tool in small increments, and then remove the jewelry from the tool and check to see how easy or difficult the ball is to remove. This way you won’t bend the ring too far. If you do, that’s ok, we have a tool to bend it back into a smaller fit as well!

Holding those ball ends can be slippery and aggravating. And you also risk dropping and losing them as well. Featured on the left the the tool used to adjust a ring smaller, should you have made it too large with the tools above as previously mentioned. In the center is a tool for grabbing ball ends, if you have them rolling around in a jewelry box or tray. The last tool on the right can be used to hold the ball end while you are placing in into the grooves to fit the captive ring.

So next time so you see a really cute captive ring, don’t be discouraged and pass it by! Now you can purchase this style of body jewelry with confidence, knowing you won’t have to fight with it, to wear it.


New Arrivals: Belly Rings

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At Body Candy, we’re welcoming the summer with new belly ring styles. Stainless steel masterpieces that will compliment any summer outfit. Styles that anyone would love! Imitation opals and classic sparkly gems are at the center of the inspiration. Colorful flowers, intense skulls and elegant rose gold colored chandelier-style belly rings are sure to catch the reflection of the summer sun.

Click either image above to shop our newest pieces!

One of the best parts about summer, is being barefoot, whether it’s running through the grass or burying your toes in the sand. Take advantage of the season of no shoes and decorate!
Sterling silver is the best of both worlds, it has the high quality and gorgeous shine without the hefty price tag. From simple to ornate, and elegant to nautical, you’ll find a large selection of silvery styles, just click through the image to shop!

Nothing says high fashion like genuine gold. This material is great for those with metal allergies and will keep shining for years to come. The beauties are a worthwhile investment.

Ankle bracelets are a super cute accessory that elegantly drapes around your leg and accentuates the delicate nature of that piece of human anatomy. Silver, gold, and everything in between, you’ll find the our items are fashion forward and too cute to resist!