It’s the first day of October. Fall time things are everywhere, the weather is getting cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner! Sometimes planning for Halloween can be a hassle. The time and effort that goes into putting together a Halloween costume can be annoying. But you can’t just skip Halloween!

How else can you show your spooky pride this year?

With Halloween body jewelry, of course! Tongue rings, plugs, belly rings, earrings, industrial barbells, cartilage earrings & more. Whether scary and gory is your thing or cutesy and fun, Halloween body jewelry is a creative way to add some spirit to your look this season.

The breeze is getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. Get your pumpkin spice and apple cider ready, it’s the first day of fall! Fall fashion is a personal favorite of mine. The colors, the layers, the ability to dress comfy AND look cute at the same time. Bring on the earth tones. Don’t forget to add a pop of color, or this year’s Pantone Color of the Year – Marsala.

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Industrial Barbell Sizing

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The barbell piercing worn in the ear cartilage goes by a few different names : The barbell is called an industrial barbell, construction bar, or industrial project bar. Sizing of these bars varies depending on the person, because everybody’s ears are a different size.

Industrial piercings are commonly done with a 14 gauge needle. The jewelry itself can range anywhere from 28mm to 50mm in length. You’ll need to ask your piercer or have your ear measured to ensure you are getting the right fit. The angle of the holes and the distance they are apart from each other will greatly effect whether an industrial barbell fits your ear or not. The ball ends of the barbell will be a 5 or 6mm screw fit. (Ball ends can be removed using our Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool)

As with any piercing, if you’re having difficulties finding the right fit or inserting/removing your jewelry, visit your piercer. They’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start planning your costume or finding some really awesome Halloween body jewelry.

Skeletons and skulls are commonly seen in Halloween decor. Their symbolic meaning, as one would guess, is death and mortality. However, in some ancient societies, skulls were said to represent life and the embodiment of consciousness, particularly crystallized ones.

In fashion, skulls are widely used!  The late Alexander McQueen is credited with popularizing a fashion trend of stylized skulls, starting with skull-decorated bags and scarves.

BodyCandy has plenty of skeletons and skulls to go around this Halloween. Click the image to shop the rest of our Halloween body jewelry!

Halloween Body Jewelry


Steal The Style: Nerdy or Girly

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For the September edition of Steal The Style, we’re bringing you some dress code approved outfits for back-to-school.

The inner nerd in us all exists, some of us just choose to let it show. If graphic t-shirts of your favorite cartoon characters, comic books and video games are you thing, this might be your style! And of course we’ve got plenty of body jewelry to go around.

For all of the girly girls out there… who says piercings can’t be girly?! Show them they can be by incorporating bows and pretty princess gems into your style.


Handcrafted New Arrivals

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Handcrafted plugs, belly rings, industrial barbells, nipple rings and so much more are made here in our warehouse by our talented jewelers. If you’re looking for unique designs you won’t find anywhere else, these babies are your answer.

Shop all of our newest arrivals today!

When moving from one gauge to another, or beginning the process of stretching your earlobes, it’s so important to do it safely and properly. Seriously. Stretching too soon or too fast can lead to bleeding, tearing and permanent damage to the tissue in your lobes.

You can always go to a piercer for help with the stretching process, but many people choose to do it at home. That’s fine. Just make sure you’re smart/hygienic about it.

Are your earlobes already pierced?
If YES, continue to Step 2.
If NO, please read Step 1.

Get your ears pierced. Avoid those kiosks at the mall, if possible. Go to a professional piercer ( who will use a needle rather than a gun. Make sure you let them know your plan is to stretch your lobes. Some piercers will be willing to use a thicker needle (up to a 10 gauge), which will help you skip a few beginning sizes on your stretching. Also, most earlobe piercings are placed closer to the front of the lobe. You’re going to want one that’s more centrally located when stretching, to allow room for the tissue to expand.

Allow your piercings to heal, and then wait twice the length of that time before you start stretching. This is important because every body heals differently. Twice the amount of time gives a safe window, and ensures you aren’t stretching tissue that’s already damaged.

Get your hands on a stretching kit and a good lubricant or stretching balm. Start at a 14 or 16 gauge taper. Clean your hands before you attempt to push a taper through your lobe. Even if you can’t see any sort of irritation, your tissue is stretching and forming micro-tears, which are just as susceptible to infection as an open wound is. Stretching your lobes in the shower (if it’s possible for you to safely do so) or right after you get out can make things a little easier because the tissue will be more flexible. Make sure to apply the lubricant to your ear as well as the taper, and then start to push. You may experience some resistance, but it shouldn’t be painful. Once you’ve reached the thickest part of the taper, you’re set at that gauge.

As tempting as it is to jump gauges, DON’T DO IT. As with the initial piercing, it’s good to wait a few months between gauges. Remember those micro-tears? Those need to heal. And blowouts!? Yeah, no thank you. Just be patient.

*Should you experience any swelling, redness, tenderness due to infection throughout the stretching process, you’re going to want to size back down to a comfortable gauge and allow the lobe to heal fully before attempting to size up any further.

Aftercare is crucial. Keep those lobes moisturized to avoid blow outs and scarring. Once you’ve reached your goal size, be sure to continue a routine for keeping them clean/not smelly. Wash them regularly in the shower. You can even apply piercing deodorant (say whaaaaat?) to prevent the funky smells.

Wearing organic jewelry will also help with the aftercare blues. They won’t irritate your ears, and they’re porous, so dead skin cells are absorbed by the material rather than sitting on your plugs.


Always consult with your piercer if you’re unsure about any jewelry changing procedures, including increasing the gauge size.


We’ve all struggled to remove the ball on the end of a piece of body jewelry before. Even the tiniest of hands can shake or be too soft to get a firm grip, and the terrifying end result of dropping the ball and losing it forever ensues.

Now you can eliminate human error with this Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool. Simply push the open end of the tool onto the ball and twist to remove. The silicone ends grasp the ball, allowing for easier removal.

You can check out the Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool, as well as many other aftercare products and tools, on our website.


Back To School Checklist

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With summer coming to an end, and school starting up again, we thought we’d bring you the ultimate Body Candy back to school list. Forget all the boring school supplies and textbooks. We’re pierced and proud; we want body jewelry!

Click on an image to shop the category on our website. Questions about a certain product we featured here? Leave it in the comments and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Piercings should be an acceptable part of the work environment, but we know that isn’t true everywhere. Unfortunately many employers still view piercings as “unprofessional,” and may expect you to remove or cover up your body jewelry while on the clock. They can be a health and safety hazard in some industries (fast food, restaurants, jobs that require you to use industrial machinery, etc.) though, and that should be taken into consideration if you decide to get pierced.

If you’re in a field where your safety or the safety of others isn’t at risk due to your piercings, then here’s a few tips on how to hide your piercings and the types of jewelry you can use to make them look less noticeable.

Micro nose rings are a great option if you’re going for the less likely to be noticed approach. Sometimes the reason for covering a piercing is more of a formal appearance standard than discriminating against them altogether. This way you can still be pierced without drawing everyone’s eyes to your piercing. However, if your boss/teacher pays close attention to detail, these might not be the best idea.


If you’re looking for a 100% guaranteed way to hide your piercing, retainers are the way to go. These clear, bioplast rings will make it nearly impossible for someone to notice your piercing. Options like these are also available for tongue piercings, lip piercings and curved barbells for belly button piercings.


Septum piercings are one of the easiest piercings to hide because, depending on the type of jewelry you wear, you can easily flip your septum ring up inside of your nose. Consider choosing from jewelry that is labeled as a septum retainer if you know you may need to do hide your ring for work or school. These rings look awesome when they’re showing too!