vertical chin surface piercings

So you’ve heard of labret piercing.  You’ve probably also heard of lowbret piercing, or extra low labret piercings that fall more at the crest of the chin than actually underneath the lip.  But what about downright chin piercings?

Yep, that’s actually a thing.  To be a true chin piercing instead of just a strategically placed lowbret, this type of piercing is done vertically through the skin at the front of the chin.  But although it’s technically a surface piercing, because of the skeletal curvature in this area and the wealth of thick, elastic skin, the “chin piercing” as it’s simply being called is generally done with a barbell rather than a surface bar.

The best choice for this area, because of all the movement from talking, chewing, and facial expressions is generally a flexible bar made out of bioflex, bioplast, or PTFE.   These types of materials are non-metallic, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible, meaning that they’re specifically designed for use in living tissue and will vastly reduce the likelihood of migration or rejection.

 self-threading flexible PTFE bars

Though the chin piercing may take slightly longer to heal than your average facial piercing, it’s definitely a viable long-term piercing, and it’s starting become somewhat of a trend amongst modification enthusiasts.  Due partially to its position in the chin or “beard” area, this is one piercing that’s actually seeing more popularity amongst young men, though it definitely remains a unisex modification.  It also makes a great addition aesthetically to already existing lip piercings like the standard labret, or symmetrical snake bites.

chin piercings paired with other symmetrical piercings


Get Your Bunny On

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Easter is almost here, and in the spirit of cottontails, cool eggs, and chocolate, we’ve just got one thing left to say: it’s time to get your bunny on.

fun Easter bunny belly rings

Playboy is a big name when it comes to bunnies, and with pastels, gems, and feminine detailing, these pretty picks are just the right combo of naughty and nice.

sweet Playboy bunny logo body jewelry

Wanna know more about Easter and the bunny connection?  Then check this out:

Like many christian holidays, some of Easter’s more interesting customs have purported roots in the ancient religions, including connections to early Germanic paganism and Babylonian polytheism via the goddesses Eostre and Ishtar respectively.   The original Northern European holiday venerating Eostre (pronounced like “Easter”) is even still celebrated in modern form by some neo-pagan and Wiccan groups, under the name Ostara.   As suspected, there are connections to both rabbits and eggs through both of the aforementioned historical veins, so it’s no surprise that the Easter Bunny has continued to be a popular figure even into modern times.  Although speculation over the connection of the goddess Eostre to the Norse Freya rages on, hares have been connected to both theological figures, and also to the Greek and Roman goddesses, including Aphrodite.  Furthermore, rabbits have been thought of as sacred animals by many civilizations over the years, particularly in the UK and Scandinavia.  Remember English author Lewis C. Carroll’s white rabbit from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?”  In the story, the only character that’s given the ability to move freely at will between the magical wonderland and the real world, is the rabbit.

historical Easter rabbit significance

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In the latest Body Candy YouTube video, team member Lulu shows off the various septum clicker pieces offered on Watch as she shows off various styles of Septum Clickers, from plain steel to gem accents. Lulu will also give a demonstration on how to fashion and take off the body jewelry pieces.

The septum piercing itself happens between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, also called the “sweet spot.” Typically starting at 14 or 16 gauge, it can be stretched to a larger size. Particularly piercing the “sweet spot” can cause a few tears; this is merely based on nerves versus pain. This piercing normally heals within a month and a half to three months dependent on aftercare and the individual.

 cool new clicker jewelry

There are many types of jewelry generally worn in a septum piercing including bead captive rings (BCRs), retainers, or septum clickers. Septum clickers are an innovative design in body jewelry. Simple to wear and easy to remove, these hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel clickers will save you both time and stress.

The unibody design of septum clickers includes a straight bar that goes through the piercing and a hinge to safely lock the bar into place. Without the hassle of threading on the body jewelry, clickers are convenient to put on and take off.

 easy to wear and remove septum pieces

Septum clickers are available in 16 gauge and 14 gauge, with an option of an 8mm (5/16″) or 6mm (1/4″) diameter.

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Helix Piercings

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piercings of the helix ear cartilage

The term “helix piercing” refers to any piercing of the helix portion of the human ear.  This type of piercing has been called many other names, but the most common is simply “cartilage piercing.” The helix can be pierced in various spots along the ear’s rim, and for most is able to be pierced in multiple locations.  Traditional industrial piercings pass through a portion of helix, but are distinguished from other sets of helix piercings by their connection via a single piece of jewelry.

 different styles of cartilage piercings

Like other cartilage piercings, the helix piercing is performed with a hollow piercing needle, and requires diligent aftercare.  Cleansings with saline or gentle antimicrobial soap are often recommended, along with avoidance of hair products, pool or pond water, and makeup.  Most helix piercings will pass through the initial phases of healing quickly, by around the eight to twelve week mark, but complete healing may take several months.

 caring for piercings

A variety of jewelry styles can be worn in the helix piercing, including BCRs and other circulars, stud style pieces, and barbells which can sometimes include a dangling element.  For those who have multiple piercings of the ear, more decorative jewelry that “connects ” their piercings to each other with chains can also be worn.  Some common combinations include helix to tragus, and helix to earlobe.

chain connector ear cartilage jewelry

body mod's place in the universe

Body modification has existed in some form for pretty much as long as humans have walked the earth.  From the therapeutic tattooing of Ötzi the famous ice mummy, to the stretched ears of ancient North African and Indian deities, modification is a common practice amongst our species, as old as hunting for food or living communally.  But what about other intelligent species who might be living light years away amongst the stars?

Although we’ll probably never know if there’s other intelligent life in the universe, and whether or not they would be pierced, tattooed, or otherwise modified, it’s safe to assume that making upgrades to our bodies is a side effect of intelligent evolution.  Just like a species of monkey might evolve to be good swimmers as their habitat becomes more susceptible to flooding, we humans have changed our bodies to adapt to our dynamic modern world.

 body mod in the modern world

An interest in our skies seems natural too, especially when you consider that they’re constantly changing, just like we are.  In fact, when you think about it, if the night sky were a body, the stars and their arrangements (the constellations) would kind of be like it’s jewelry.  So until we discover the secrets of the universe, here are some sky jewelry arrangements to watch for:

 stars to watch in the northern hemisphere

This is about what the sky will look like this Spring for persons in the Northern hemisphere, and you’ll probably recognize quite a few of these names and shapes.  Star watching is a great way to spend those late Spring nights, especially when the air is warm and the skies are clear.

 watching the stars

Can’t get enough of that sweet celestial beauty?  Then maybe it’s time to bring a little of it into your wardrobe.  Get ready to shine like a star.

universe and outerspace body jewelry

scrabble letter style

Tomorrow is National Scrabble Day, when we celebrate intelligence, language, the written word, and of course that awesomely fun letter game we call Scrabble.  Most of us have played Scrabble at least once in our lives, and despite the bright board markings and sweet little stars, those fun little letters are definitely the main attraction.  That’s why we’re breaking out some alphabet blocks of our own: these cute little initial belly rings.  And just like your scrabble letters, it’s best if you have more than one!

belly jewelry with cool initial dangles

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Modified Fashion: Gone Retro

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fun barber shop fashion

Today is Barber Shop Quartet Day, and we’re ready to celebrate with some fun retro style.  The barbershop quartet finds its roots in the salons of the early 1900s, where men would often whistle and sing as they waited for their turn in the barber’s chair.  Gradually, multi-part harmonies developed, and groups that sang exclusively this type of music began to spring up, some later being recorded and their popular songs sold.  This type of music is characterized in modern times primarily by what’s referred to as a “ringing chord.”  There’s a lead singer, accompanied by two men who harmonize above and below, and a fourth voice that comes in through the lower notes, completing a simplified minor or major chord.

The look of barbershop groups both male and female is almost as famous as the music itself, and pop art never looked so good as when it hangs out in the stretched ears of a dapper chap or tattooed pinup.  From simple graphics, to comic book styles, and old school kimono-reminiscent textile prints, get your fix any which way you can for some funky vintage fashion today and every day.

fun pop art style plugs

No stretching? No problem. Fake it barber shop style with cool candy-striped cheater tapers that are almost good enough to eat.  Almost.

sweet striped faux taper ear jewelry

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making Easter as cool as we are

Want your Easter eggs to be as gorgeously modified as you are?  We’re going to show you exactly how they can be, with this quick DIY decorating project: tattooed eggs!

 making cool tattooed eggs

You’ll just need some eggs (we used brown for a cute retro feel), some cool temporary tattoos, scissors, and a washcloth.  Here’s what you do:

1. Boil your eggs like you normally would and allow them to cool, making sure that your shells are dry.

 hard boil your Easter eggs

2. Cut out your tattoos, leaving just a little extra around the edges.

 cut around the edge of your temporary tattoos

3. Press the tattoo (face down of course) firmly against the egg, and hold a wet cloth against the back, being sure to wet the paper thoroughly.

 apply your temporary tatts with a washcloth

4. Wait at least thirty seconds, and gently peel off the paper backing.

5. Fix any frayed or turned up edges on your image, working quickly while the tattoo is still wet.

6. Enjoy your efforts!

 finished tattooed eggs

Extra Fun:

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can purchase some stick-on gems at your local craft store and place them strategically throughout your tattoos for some awesome Easter bling!

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Tragus Piercings

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piercings of the tragus ear cartilage

The tragus is the fibrous nub of flesh that protrudes from the side of the head, shielding the opening of the ear canal.  Because this area is primarily cartilaginous, and highly visible when the hair is swept up or brushed behind the ear, it’s a perfect place to pierce. Like many of the other common ear piercings, this one is named after the actual part of the ear anatomy it corresponds to, and is called simply “tragus piercing.”

 piercing names and ear anatomy

The jewelry used for tragus piercings can vary greatly depending upon individual anatomy, the needle size used for the piercing, and personal style.  Both barbells and circulars can be worn, as well as flat-backed stud type items, and occasionally curved or spiral-shaped barbells.

 tragus piercing ear jewelry

As with most cartilage piercings, the tragus tends to heal relatively quickly, but must be kept healthy with proper aftercare.  During the initial healing phases, avoidance of heavy hair products and not sleeping on your newly pierced side are often recommended, as these and other factors can contribute to irritation or lengthen the time it takes to mend.

For more on ear piercings, be sure to check out our Ear Piercings category, and follow us on YouTube to view your favorite piercings being performed up close and personal.

awesome avian fashion

What’s the thing to do in Spring?  When in doubt, just put a bird on it!


The swallow is know as a sailor’s signature bird, and with modern tattoo art returning to classic maritime motifs, it’s also a fashionista’s best friend.  In the first half of the 1900s, seamen would be noticed for their swallow tattoos, because a swallow inked across the chest or forearm meant a sailor had traversed over 5,000 miles of ocean.  You might not be able to claim the same, but the birdies can still bring you style luck by adding a nautical touch to your Spring wardrobe.

fun nautical swallow bird body jewelry


These adorable little lovebirds have the perfect feminine flair to kick your navel ring collection up a notch, just in time for belly-baring weather.  Antiqued details, brilliant color, and a bevy of hearts mean that there’s a match for any signature style.  They might even lead to a little romance of your own.

sweet lovebird belly jewelry

Little Chickadees

If you’re in the mood for the cutest of cute, look no further than these sweet little tweeters.  Baby birdies are the ultimate in girly accessories, and Spring is the perfect time to show off some serious songbird love.  Just don’t forget to take it easy elsewhere in your outfit, because a little touch of precious goes an amazingly long way.

cute songbird body jewelry

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