The modified set is nothing if not artistic: from gorgeous tattoos to fabulous body jewelry that adds glamour and intrigue to every pierceable part, inspiring one’s heart with art is as natural as breathing. But if the daily grind sometimes gets in the way of truly appreciating how much beauty the world contains, then Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a perfect day to take some time to reflect on the effect art has had in your life.

There is no end to the list of things that will make your heart happy, including:



Write a poem/novel/love letter.

Go to your local art gallery.



Do something crafty.

See a movie that makes you feel amazing at the end (one of the best, even if animation isn’t usually your thing, is Hayao Miyazaki’s lush and colorful Spirited Away).

Pick your own. And maybe adorn yourself with a heart or two while giving your own heart something substantial. And then spread the love around, so others may also find art in their lives.

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The Fabulous Fleur De Lis

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The fleur de lis has its earliest roots in French royalty, the likeness of which is compared to an iris or lily.  The three “petals” represented three of the medieval social classes: the working class, the military, and the clergy (members of the church). A fleur de lis was a common symbol of heraldry, and was a widely accepted symbol of rank within society.

Modern day usage still continues the representation of heraldry, whether intentional or not. Sports teams such as the New Orleans Saints (NFL), New Orleans Pelicans (NBA) and the Montreal Impact (MLS) incorporate the fleur de lis into their jersey logos. Possibly bit more intentional, many universities, sororities and fraternities use the symbol to represent their prominent places in society. And in a less representative fashion, the fleur de lis is commonly recognized as a symbol of Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras.

Now that we’ve got the history lesson out of the way, let’s focus on a more material usage…


Many fashion designers incorporate the symbol into their fabrics. You can also find it making a statement on a handbag, embellishing a pair of designer shades, and even glistening on your favorite types of body jewelry. Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras, or you just admire the significance of the symbol, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got Fleur De Lis Cartilage Rings, too!


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Ear Stretching Guide Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of Our Ear Stretching Guide!

The practice of expanding the ear lobes goes back about as far as human history, from King Tutankhamen to the Iceman; a mummified body from 3300 BC, stretched lobes are a tradition across the world.

The typical jewelry worn in stretched ear lobes is called a plug, the size of the plug is the gauge. Plugs come in many materials and styles, from metal to wood, and from tunnels to ornate hanging designs. Finding what works with your body and style is all a part of the experience!


If your ears aren’t pierced yet:

-Find yourself a reputable piercer, certified piercers in your area can be found through

-Tell your piercer you plan on stretching your lobes, this is important because of the placement of the piercing on the ear lobe. Ear piercings for standard earrings are usually placed more towards the face, in the event that the client wishes to have multiple ear piercings. Ear piercing placement for stretching is placed centrally on the ear lobe, to ensure the skin around the plug will be even as you stretch.

-Make sure you let your piercing heal before you begin to stretch.


What size do/ should I start stretching at?

Most people find that 16/14 gauge  is a good starting point, especially if you’ve been wearing regular earrings daily for a long period of time.

How big can I stretch my ears before they won’t go back to normal?

This is a tricky question, because everyone’s body is different, but in the body modification community the generally accepted answer is between 2-0 gauge.

Other factors on whether or not your ears will return to normal include: how fast you stretch and if you skip sizes. Stretching too quickly or skipping sizes can do more tearing of the skin than actual stretching and can also lead to blow outs and scar tissue. It’s important to take your time and be patient with your body. Waiting a full month between stretches is recommended.

What is a blow out?

A blow out is the result of stretching too fast and/or skipping sizes. It causes the skin on the inside of your ear to be forced outwards, causing a flap on the back of your stretched piercing. The recommended action to remedy this would be to down size but it is best to be avoided if possible as a blow out that is allowed to heal is permanent.

Will stretching my ears hurt?

Stretching your ears should not hurt, if you are experiencing pain this means you are stretching too fast. Reaching the next size is exciting, but moving at a pace your body is comfortable with is important.


Valentine’s Day is on its way! Despite the stimulus that goes with every hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day gets special attention for being the one day a year where the non-romantic types are reminded to show their affection in extravagant and special ways. No matter if you’ll be romancing bae, or enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s with Bey (you better own that self-love, single ladies) – there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat your body to a little extra love.

Check out some of our picks for this Valentine’s Day!

Those of you who want to please yourself AND your special someone might be interested in our selection vibrating tongue rings. You know, just in case your plans include things the MPAA would definitely rate NC17.
Click here to check those bad girls out.

Nipple rings are known to increase sensitivity and pleasure… hello! If that’s not reason enough to deck them out for V-day, just remember “the girls” need love, too.

If you’re a little more on the reserved side with your piercings, but lingerie is still in your plans, show off some Valentine’s bling with a belly ring. Who doesn’t want an excuse to buy a cute new one anyway?

Have a significant other who’s clueless when it comes to gift giving?
Now you know where to send ‘em!

Unsure what to give them?
Hey, we gave you the spark… it’s time to light their fire!

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Super Bowl XLIX

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Now that we’ve settled into the new year, it’s time to start anticipating some excitement in 2015! Where will you be on February 1st?

Probably attending a Super Bowl party! Even if you aren’t a sports fan… someone’s got to eat the taco dip and tweet about the halftime show, right?

For the football fan in you, or just to impress your pro sports loving significant other, we’ve got some licensed NFL body jewelry for both teams.

Licensed NFL Body Jewelry

Not a fan of either team?
Check out the rest of our collection: Official NFL Body Jewelry


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To Pierce, Or Not To Pierce?

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That is the question.

For many who are not seasoned in the art of body modification, the decision to pierce can be a tough one. Will it look good on me? How bad is it going to hurt? What if it doesn’t heal? These are all questions that can detour someone from going through with a piercing.

Let’s clear a few of those up!

Will it look good on me?
We all know beauty is not only skin deep, but maybe you’re unsure if a certain piercing is fit for your body. Negative body image can greatly effect your decision and lead you to believe there are physical reasons your piercing won’t work out. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you take care of your body, that’s not true! Consult with your doctor to be certain of any health related issues that might complicate the piercing or healing process, or just ask your piercer. A professional will never pierce you if they feel it’s unsafe. And no need to feel self-conscious around these artists. A good piercer is compassionate about their work. After all, your body is their canvas.

How bad is it going to hurt?
You can’t always trust the opinion of a friend. As a teenager, I went into my navel piercing thinking I wouldn’t feel a thing, because that’s what my girl friends told me. Every body has a different tolerance for pain. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Earlobe, navel, tongue and eyebrow piercings are the least painful.
  • Septum, labret, dermal (surface) piercings, cartilage piercings, nostril and male intimate piercings are typically a medium level of pain for most.
  • The most painful piercings are in sensitive areas, ie. nipple and intimate piercings.

What if it doesn’t heal?
Everybody knows somebody who’s had a piercing that didn’t heal properly or rejected. An easy way to avoid either of those from happening is to make certain you’re being pierced by a reputable artist. Doing it yourself or with the help of a friend is NEVER a good idea.
To ensure your professional piercing does heal properly it is advisable not to get pierced when you are sick, physically exhausted, or stressed. If you are on medications of any sort, reschedule your piercing appointment – it’s for your own safety. If you have sensitive skin and scar or bruise easily, the chances of a smooth healing process are lower. Any open wounds or piercings that are not fully healed yet can effect the healing process of a new piercing. Upcoming medical procedures should be taken into consideration, also, since removing body jewelry is often a requirement. Removing a piercing before the recommended healing time can cause serious infection.
As long as you follow proper piercing care instructions, your piercing will heal!

To be sure you are receiving a professional service, visit to find an artist in your area!

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Sensitivity to certain materials can detour people from wearing jewelry, and who wants that?!

When it comes to body piercing, it is especially important to know what your body reacts to. An allergic reaction can be as simple as a rash or itching, or as severe as blistering. Because your skin is ever changing throughout your life, it is possible you may develop a sensitivity at any time. Even if you’re uncertain and just want to play it safe, the following materials should keep you in the clear.

Bioplast contains NO METAL whatsoever! It can be heat sterilized and is safe for healing swollen or infected piercings. When it comes to hypoallergenic materials, this is your savior.

Bioplast Body Jewelry

Solid titanium pieces with a Grade 23 or 5 are safe for those with jewelry allergies. Steer clear of anodized titanium, however, because these pieces are only plated with titanium, and will have a center made of other metals. Like bioplast, titanium can be heat sterilized, and is therefore safe for initial piercings.

Titanium Body Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is also excellent for piercings, however the material itself is rare and therefore comes with a higher price tag. If your sensitivity is mild, some Stainless Steel & 14K-18K Gold pieces may also be an option.

When in doubt, stick with titanium and bioplast!

A lot of us with nose piercings will jump around a bit, try a few different styles, and ultimately pick one or two go-to nose rings that fit well without very much difficulty.  But what happens when you find a bunch of nose rings you like, and most of them just plain don’t fit?

If you know your gauge size and the style you prefer but still find your nose jewelry sticking up or sticking out, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.  Not every nose will be the very same size and not every piercing will rest in the same place.  So here’s a few common nose jewelry pitfalls, and trust us, most of them can be fixed.

Q: Instead of laying flat against my nose, why does my nose ring stick up leaving a gap?

nose rit fit issues

A: If the actual gem or decorative portion that’s visible sticks up, you need to look at the rise of your jewelry.  Rise is the length of the portion between the base of your nose ring’s gem and the curve, and many common nose screws or l-shapes have a rise of 6 or 7 millimeters.  For those with slightly thinner nostrils though, a 5mm rise might be needed for proper fit, so you should look for an item with that smaller measurement.

 nose jewelry length or rise measurement

Q: Why does the corkscrew part of my nose screw stick out at the bottom of my nostril?

nose screw sizing issues

A: If this happens it could mean you either have a slightly smaller nose than average, or that your piercing lays just slightly farther down your nostril.  Neither of these are a bad thing, but they can make wearing screw style jewelry a little difficult.  If switching to a nose bone style item is comfortable, that can be a quick and easy fix.  For those who would prefer to stick to screws though, trying an item with a less pronounced curve or one that doesn’t make a full revolution may solve the issue.

Q: I want to wear a nose hoop but my piercing is a little higher on my nostril.  How can I get a hoop that will fit without looking oversized?

nose hoop jewelry sizing

A: If regular hoops don’t seem to be quite big enough but larger universal circulars stick out too much, a good fix is getting a custom bend.  In this case, you can purchase a type of extra long, straight nose ring called a fishtail, and take it to your piercer to get a hoop custom bent for your unique nose.

Other nose ring questions?  Ask us in the comments!

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Watch as modified cutie Jen gets a daith ear cartilage piercing.  (Look for the needle at about 22 seconds.)

First, the piercer cleans Jen’s ear thoroughly, being careful to get the cartilage all around where the daith will go.  He then marks dots and a circular guideline, to show where the jewelry is going to lay. Our piercee approves the placement, and a hollow needle receiving tube is moved into place. She’s instructed to take a deep breath and exhale slowly, and the hollow piercing needle is gently pushed through, then corked. Next, the needle is chased with a BCR, which is meticulously squeezed into place with a pair of special jewelry pliers.  A little final cleanup, and Jen walks away with an awesome new daith piercing to add to her collection.

 daith ear cartilage piercing

Daith piercings were first performed in 1992 by piercing legend Erik Dakota, but they’ve definitely come along way since then, and are now worn with a variety of body jewelry such as ball captive rings, horseshoe barbells, and clickers.  As a contemporary piercing, the daith has seen a steady rise in popularity, though it still remains less common compared to other ear cartilage piercings.

types of daith piercing jewelry

For more about daiths and other ear piercings, check out our Ear Piercings category, and don’t forget to follow us on YouTube for loads of fun close-ups of real piercings being performed.


Happy New Year!

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have an awesome time ushering in 2015

2014 brought a lot of changes.  A fun new look for the BodyCandy online store, thousands of new items, and a slew of new friends and fans on our ever-growing collection of social networks.  We got new piercings, dermals, and tattoos, and maybe you did too.  The Spring was hot, the Summer was even hotter, but through all of our ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the fashionable, we stuck together like glue.  And now we’re happy to welcome another new year.  So from all of us at BodyCandy, have an incredibly happy and healthy New Year!

New Years Banner

In the mood to start 2015 off with a bang?  Then it’s time to get your hands on best-selling body jewelry for all of your favorite piercings!

Belly Rings          Nose Rings         Tongue Rings

Lip Rings         Plugs          Earrings

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