Belly Piercings

What’s better than one beautiful belly ring?  How about three?  New belly ring bonus packs are here, featuring 3 of our best selling belly baubles in each sparkling pack.  Choose from coordinated trios made with quality Swarovski Crystal Elements, feminine antiqued charms, shining colored titanium, and more.

dazzling belly ring bonus packs

Nose Piercings

Shining .925 sterling silver and a wide range of classic and contemporary designs make these stunning nose rings the perfect holiday gift pieces.  Take your pick of nose screws, bones, and hoops galore, all at amazingly merry prices.

shining sterling silver nose jewelry

Stretched Ears

Regular plugs and tunnels are so last season.  This Christmas, it’s all about the dangle.  Organic wood, icy steel, brilliant titanium, and colorful acrylic form the bases of these beautiful and charming dangle plugs.  Just pick your recipient’s style and get ready for fabulous.

festive dangle style plugs and tunnels

Cartilage Piercings

Give the gift of some serious sparkle, with ear cartilage studs that are spangled to perfection.  Dangles, gems, filigree, and more make these stylish sterling silver helix earrings the perfect pick for anyone whose ear piercings like a little luxe.

sweet sterling silver cartilage earrings

Nipple Piercings

Feast your eyes on our stunning best-selling nipple rings, featuring sparkling cubic zirconia, colorful metallic finishes, antiqued textural detailing, and more.  The sweetest thing for partygoers who’ve been just a little naughty.

beautiful best selling barbells and shields

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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have a happy turkey day

Thanksgiving day has come around, and we just wanted to let all of our fabulous followers know that the thing that we’re most thankful for, is you!  Thanks for wearing, sharing, connecting, liking, and all of the other things you do that make BodyCandy’s modified internet community a fantastic and fashionable place to be.  So whether you have a bird-centric banquet, or prefer to munch on some tantalizing tofurkey, have a happy and healthy modified Thanksgiving!

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updating your winter look

Sick of your boring old surgical steel lip rings?  Looking for a little extra zazz for the holiday season?  Then here’s some ideas to turn your lip jewelry blahs into joyous Winter fashion ahs:

A pop of color goes a long way when it comes to the lips.  Fun brights like red and blue can be nice during the holidays, but even more classic tones like gold can brighten up your look without being loud.  Just experiment to find the hue that most suits your style and skin tone, and get ready for the compliments to come rolling in.

 bright titanium lip studs

Sometimes a hint of glitter can be fun for the festivities too, and adding some sparkle is sure to get your pout some extra notice.  Just pop in some shimmery studs or loops, and you’ll be inundated with invitations to meet under the mistletoe.

 glitter lip jewelry

And when in doubt where celebratory glam is concerned, just remember that a bit of bling always brings it home.  Gorgeous push-in studs featuring a shimmering gem solitaire in a classy prong setting take any party ensemble from zero to fabulous in seconds flat, letting your lips be part of some serious holiday magic.

bioplast push in gem studs

winter wolf graphics

They’re cute, fuzzy, majestic, fierce, and now, also fashionable.  Is there anything that the wolf can’t do?  From ikat to cartoon, spiritual to sinister, these cuddly canids are fast becoming a cold season graphic maverick.  Amongst trending styles, hyper-realistic monochrome and splashes of brilliant color are finding a foothold, particularly when it comes to jewelry and accessories.

wolf graphics for winter

One of our favorite ways to wear wolfy art?  In our lobes.

cool graphic wolf themed plug body jewelry

Plugs featuring imagery of these pleasant pups go great with like-themed clothing, or on their own as an interest-grabbing accent.  Clip some feathers in your hair for a fun tribal look, sweep tresses up to deliver drama, or let locks fall where they may for a modern twist.

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winter modification aftercare

As anyone who’s modified knows, the change in seasons can mean a difficult period of biological adjustment, particularly for those of us with sensitive skin that’s been pierced or tattooed.  But there are a few things you can do during the cold months to combat the winter skin blues.

First, continuing with your aftercare regimen is important.  Just ask your piercer if the frequency of cleanses or soaks should change as the cold weather rolls in.  They’ll be able to give you expert tips on timing, water temperature, mixing ratios, and more.

 asking your piercer for winter aftercare info

After that’s sorted out, you’ll want to be sure that you have a moisturizing routine in place as well.  Winter is a drying season, even in many warmer climates, so keeping skin hydrated is definitely important.  Drinking the right amount of water can help, but organic oils and lotions are a good add-in too, as are premixed aftercare creams and pH balanced sprays.

 easy premixed sprays and creams

Then your next order of business is to prevent skin irritation before it starts. Some good things to keep in mind include watching your clothing and bedding materials, re-examining your detergent choices, and avoiding very hot winter showers.  Switching to fragrance and chemical free laundry products and turning down the tub temp are easy, but fashion choices can be a little more challenging.  A good rule of thumb is to steer clear of potential allergens like wool, goose down, and layered synthetics.  Natural materials like cotton and hemp will generally help to prevent chafing or itching.

And finally, remember your ABCs: alcohol, bad fats, and caffeine.  It can be tempting to overindulge in all three, especially during the holiday season, but keeping everything in moderation will be good for your insides and your outsides.

 saving your skin from holiday pitfalls

For more about modifications and aftercare year round, check out the rest of our Piercings and Aftercare category, and stay tuned.

fun ways to wear ear piercings

With the wide variety of body jewelry at our fingertips, the modified generations are starting to set the trends for unique and interesting combinations, particularly when it comes to earrings.  There are about a dozen different areas of the ear that can be pierced, and multiple variations on jewelry that can be worn there.  Just check out these fun offbeat ideas:

fun new ways to wear ear piercings

Even though specific types of studs, barbells, and circulars may be the standard for particular ear piercings, there’s quite a few substitutions that can naturally be made with minimal fuss.  Take the options above, for example.  Helix studs instead of tiny post jewelry for conch piercings, curved barbells instead of full circulars for the daith, and dangle BCRS in place of standard earrings for the lobes.  Even these small little change-ups can provide big style solutions, but there are other options if you prefer a more drastic switch.

ear jewelry substitutions

Just try wearing regular dangle earrings through a helix piercing, clickers in a daith, or even belly rings in areas of the upper lobe, helix, or scaffa.  The substitutions that you’ll be able to make will depend upon the size of the piercing you want to outfit, so knowing the basics of your sizing necessities (like the gauge and length) is definitely the first step in crafting a new look.  Once you’ve got that down, just be creative.  The sky is the limit, and even ear fashion failures will at least result in fun.  :)

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Autumn and Thanksgiving jewelry

Turkey Day is almost here, but we’re not just giving thanks for our awesome modification artists this year, because fun Fall piercing fashion is definitely something to be grateful for too.  So how do you take the feasting frenzy from drab to fab?  With a beautiful belly ring that celebrates the season.  Whether you go for the coppery glow of rose gold, the punch of persimmon-hued fare, or the cuteness of kooky turkeys, the 2014 Thanksgiving mission is clear: flaunt your Autumn awesomeness, and don’t forget to shine.

rose gold belly rings for fallturkey themed belly rings for Thanksgivingbeautiful orange fall belly rings

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Grab a front row seat as the lovely AJ gets two dermal clavicle piercings. Watch for the needle insertions at about 0:19 and 0:39.

First the entire area is cleaned, and then a detailed set of markings is laid out to ensure that the two dermals will be well positioned in relation to both the tattoos, and eachother. After the locations have been viewed and agreed upon, a hollow piercing needle in lined up just right. The needle goes in at an angle, creating a pocket-like puncture in the skin, and a microdermal anchor is then inserted and moved into place. A simple gem is all that remains at the surface, perfectly framing Aj’s bone structure, and her ink. The same steps are repeated on the opposite side, and after a quick final touchup her clavicle dermals are ready to rock.

microdermal clavicle piercings being done
Clavicle piercings are definitely a modern development, but have grown widely in popularity in recent years thanks to their fun and interesting look.  They’re a unisex piercing, and merge seamlessly with both masculine and feminine aesthetics, making them a beautiful addition to both healed ink and untouched skin.  Since dermals can be placed in almost any location on the skin, a variety of jewelry options is readily available, from simple gem solitaires, to colorful complex shapes, and everything in between.

 clavicle microdermal project

To see more real dermals and body piercings being performed up close and personal, check us out on YouTube, and join the conversation.

Body jewelry comes in a variety of different metallic materials, and labeling can sometimes be confusing, so here’s a little info about exactly what you’re getting:

.925 Sterling Silver: When you see “925″ stamped on an item or printed in its specifications, that means the jewelry is sterling silver.  That is, a specific type of high quality alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver.  Fine silver (a purity of over 99%) is too soft to be used in functional objects, so .925 sterling is used to maintain quality while imparting a higher degree of durability.

 .925 sterling silver earrings

14kt Gold:  There are many different types of gold used in body jewelry, but each listed carrot weight is actually a reference to the percentage of the item that is pure gold.  Creating alloys composed partly of gold and partly of other, more durable metals gives us the ability to craft more wearable pieces, and every different type of gold is good for various specific uses. Solid goldjewelry is hypoallergenic, and a good option for quality body jewelry.

 gold by kt weight

Gold Plated: When an item is listed as being “gold plated,” that just means that the item is not solid gold.  The core, or “base” of such pieces will often be composed of a harder, stronger metal such as surgical grade stainless steel.  Then, that metal is coated with a thin layer of lustrous gold, to give it a beautiful finish.  This creates the look of real gold, but with greater stability and a lower cost.

Platinum: Many compare platinum to white gold because of its appearance, but they’re actually two quite different metals.  Platinum is a very dense heavy metal, with a high resistance to corrosion and wear.  It’s high shine, maintains it’s silvery white tone extremely well, and is also the least reactive of all metals.  You’ll often see a “900″ or “950″ labeling associated with it, which is a simple reference to the amount of pure platinum in the jewelry’s alloy, 900 being 90% and 950 of course 95%.

 beautiful platinum nose rings

Titanium: Solid titanium items are most often composed of an alloy of pure titanium and other metals or elements, such as aluminum.  A “grade” listed with titanium products is a reference to the exact composition and oxygen content of the metal.  Grade 5, for example (which can also be referenced as Ti6AL4VELI), is composed of about 90% pure titanium with 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, and trace amounts of both iron and oxygen.  This type of titanium has high tensile strength, can be heat sterilized, and is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Anodized Titanium: Grade 23 titanium is also of high quality, and can be used for both solid titanium pieces and what are called “anodized” titanium items.  The word anodized means that the item is plated in titanium, rather than being solid.  Much like with gold plated jewelry, anodized titanium pieces are composed of a hard core metal like surgical steel, and a high shine outer coating: in this case, titanium.  This also allows for brightly colored jewelry, as titanium can be created in a variety of hues.

 shining titanium plated belly rings

For more about jewelry composition and materials, check out the rest of our Body Jewelry Materials category, and stay tuned!

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wooden plug fashion

The short summer may have left us longing for a few more days of fun in the sun, but there is a way to recapture those summer feelings without freezing in crop tops and short shorts.  Organic wood plugs with gothic, alternative, and spiritual motifs create a feeling of carefree chic, even on the darkest and coldest of days.  These little dangly beauties are not your average wood on the beach, and whether paired with youthful grunge or a more clean and sophisticated wardrobe, the one thing they’ll never do is leave your fashion sense adrift.

cool dangle style wooden plugs

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