jewelry for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is looming on the horizon, and now is the perfect time to think about getting a gift for mom.  For many of us, this is a holiday that honors mothers everywhere, and celebrates the bond between mother and child, and the patience and perseverance required to be a mom.

We often underestimate, or at the very least undervalue, the work that most mothers really do.  In fact, did you know that’s estimation for what mothers would earn if they were getting paid came to just under 114 thousand dollars in 2013?  That’s right.  According to some pretty massive surveys, the median number of hours mothers spent on family care and child-rearing was about 94 per week, and some of their jobs included computer operation, cooking, teaching, and janitorial services.  Managing a family may not seem like it’s worth six figures, but when you think about what parents will spend over their children’s childhood, it definitely starts to look like a true-to-life figure.

the many jobs of being a mommy

So what’s something special that’ll show mom you care?  One of the sweeter options is a matching set.

matching mother daughter necklace sets

These beautiful mother daughter necklaces celebrate your bond to eachother in a vary real and corporeal way, and with a sterling silver chain and sparkling Swarovski Crystal Elements, they’re a quality piece that will be in her jewelry wardrobe and yours for years to come.  And they’re also a wonderful gift for other mommies who are raising little ladies.  Mother’s Day?  It’s in the bag.


April Showers and Belly Flowers

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floral Spring jewelry fashion

April is National Garden Month, so in the spirit of lavishing attention on our flora, here are some posies that make the garden fashion grade:

rose floral body jewelry

The rose is one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, being used in fragrances, beauty products, cards and artwork, food, and even homeopathic tinctures.  An object of prose across the works of great wordsmiths and a timeless symbol of love and friendship, the color of a rose can be just as important it’s beautiful perfume.  If you’re looking to move away from intense red or classic pink, take a look at the pastels that are making the season bloom.

 lily blossom body jewelry

Lilies are the ultimate in simple chic.  Often associated with purity and divinity, they remain a top choice for wedding accessories, beach house decor, Easter table settings, and a multitude of other important occasions.  A relative of the lotus and the common American tulip, the classic beauty of a blooming lily kicks any outfit up a notch.  For a more modern and youthful approach, try a splash of bright color.

 multi colored floral belly rings

A bevy of flowering belly rings is just what we need to celebrate Spring.  Multi colored gems, full blooming shapes, and the addition of geometric and symmetrical patterns make these sweet picks our new set of crop top go-tos.  A sun kissed bare midriff plus a brilliant exotic posy equals  a match made in fashion heaven.  Say hello to summer!

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 uses for old or broken body jewelry

We all want to recycle, (especially on Earth Day!) but certain items can pose a challenge, especially where body jewelry is concerned.  Don’t worry though, because we’ve still got some easy ways to repurpose what you have, and some of them involve a little extra fun too.


If you’ve got a bulletin board at home, in your school locker, or at the office, try using your favorite old stud earrings as push pins.  This is a great way to get further use out of earrings that have lost their mate, and it brings some extra style to your to-do notes and photo collages.

 old earrings as cork board push pins

It’s also fun to hang more ornate earrings from the top rim of your lampshades for some instant retro charm, or to create simple wall art with your mismatched pieces.


Ball captive rings with large diameters can be fitted around the stems of your wine glasses for use as charms.  A pair of ring opening pliers can make this process extra easy, and if you use a different color ball on each BCR, everyone will be able to tell exactly which glass is theirs.

 captive rings as wine charms

You can also use captives and segment rings as closures for broken bracelets or necklaces that are missing their clasp.

Nipple Rings

The decorative portions of your old nipple shields make beautiful hair ornaments in a pinch.  Just remove the barbell and slip a couple bobby pins through the openings to secure the piece, and voilà.


Old plugs are great for repurposing into refrigerator magnets.  Just grab some magnetic strips with self-adhesive backing from the craft store, attach some to the back of the plug, embellish as much or as little as you like, and throw it on the fridge.  This is a great project for kids, especially since simpler plugs can be decorated with glitter glue, stickers, or magic marker.

 making refrigerator magnets out of old plugs

You can also turn your plugs into a jewelry display hanger for your wall.  For this awesome repurposing project, you’ll need:

• a strip of wood from your local hardware or craft store

• quick setting epoxy or a hot glue gun (whichever you prefer)

• three to six of your old plugs

• some ribbon or twine

• a ruler or tape measure and a pencil

1. Get your wood, making sure that the dimensions will support the size of your plugs.  (For example: one inch diameter plugs need a strip of wood that’s at least 1.5″ tall)

2. Use your ruler and pencil to mark as many equidistant dots as there are plugs.  Soft horizontal lines can be drawn through the dots to further assist with placement if desired.

 marking your wood

3. Glue on your plugs, decorative side up, making sure to wait as long as your glue’s instructions indicate to be certain it’s dry.  Then glue a length of your ribbon or twine onto the back side of the wood strip, with one end at each corner.

 gluing your plugs in place

4. After everything is completely dry, use the ribbon to hang your new display knobs on the wall, and hang up your favorite bracelets and necklaces.

hang and display your jewelry

celebrating the Polish holiday

To many celebrants today is Easter Monday, but to those who are Polish or of Polish descent, it’s also a fun mini holiday that we know as Dyngus Day.  In Poland and other Slavic countries including the Czech Republic, the traditional Dyngus Day or lany poniedziałek (“wet Monday”) is actually celebrated over both Monday and Tuesday, but in most of the American variations, this has been shortened to just a single day.

The basic idea behind the holiday is that young men will ambush the girls that they have crushes on with buckets, squirt guns, or garden hoses, soaking them as a sign of devotion.  The wetting or dunking of a beautiful girl is held in superstition to ensure a bountiful Spring harvest, being metaphorically symbolic of the hydrating April rains.  After she’s been drenched, the boy will then gently lash the object of his affection with a pussy willow switch, and as a form of payback, the girl may then choose to do the same.

 a pretty girl getting splashed on Dyngus Day

The traditional way to avoid being soaked is to make an attempt at bribing your would-be squirt gun assailant with Easter left-overs, shots of flavored whiskey or brandy, or painted eggs, which some customs suggest are symbolic of fertility and will ensure a healthy crop.  In the US these conventions are often upheld, with the added bonus of parades and other festivities.  Amongst many Polish-American communities, the holiday has evolved into a celebration of Polish heritage, as well as a youth courting ritual.

 Dyngus Day and celebrating Polish descent

No matter where you go for a Dyngus Day celebration, you’re bound to see young women in Polish national dress, which varies based on region but will generally consist of a white blouse, full skirt, and some type of hair ornamentation.  Unmarried ladies can wear a crown of braids, sometimes laced with ribbons, or a cluster or wreath of bright colored flowers.  Beaded necklaces are also very popular, as are other floral accessories, primarily in red.  Jewelry of any type showing red gems or stones is common as well, as red and white are the colors of the Polish flag.

 wearing Polish traditional colors

There’s a saying that we have here in Buffalo, NY (where one of the nation’s largest Dyngus Day festivals is held) and it pretty much sums up the spirit of celebration.  Whether you’re actually of Polish descent or not, it might go without saying but, in the spirit of good food, good friends, and a little romantic teasing,”everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day.”

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Happy Easter

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enjoy your Easter holiday

Flowers, and songbirds, and pastels, oh my.  Spring is finally here and we’re looking forward to a fabulous season ahead.  Join us on our favorite social media networks for a look at what’s new and hot all season, and maybe we can have a little fun together too.

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Happy Easter from your friends at BodyCandy!

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420 Fix

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hot for hemp

Hemp is truly an amazing plant.  Her fibers can be used in jewelry and textiles from soft clothing and lingerie fabrics, to upholstery, to high-durability cloth for shoes and outerwear.  Her seeds and oils provide natural plant-based protein, as much omega-3 as nuts, and enough calcium to supplement a milk-free diet.  Other parts of the plant are a great alternative to wheat and barley for fermenting into beer and other alcohols, providing gluten free alternatives.  Hemp can even be used in building materials, oil-based paints and stains, beauty products, as biofuel capable of powering diesel engines, and for paper products of almost every type.  In fact, an acre of hemp is capable of producing more than twice as much paper pulp as an acre of trees, and the plants take approximately a quarter of the time to mature comparatively, and grow in a variety of weather and temperature conditions.

 the many uses of hemp products

And if all that isn’t enough cause to celebrate the leaf, there’s always the myriad of fashion benefits.  Going green never looked so good, and we’re not just blowing smoke.  Happy 420, Mister and Misses Fabulous.

hemp leaf body jewelry

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vertical chin surface piercings

So you’ve heard of labret piercing.  You’ve probably also heard of lowbret piercing, or extra low labret piercings that fall more at the crest of the chin than actually underneath the lip.  But what about downright chin piercings?

Yep, that’s actually a thing.  To be a true chin piercing instead of just a strategically placed lowbret, this type of piercing is done vertically through the skin at the front of the chin.  But although it’s technically a surface piercing, because of the skeletal curvature in this area and the wealth of thick, elastic skin, the “chin piercing” as it’s simply being called is generally done with a barbell rather than a surface bar.

The best choice for this area, because of all the movement from talking, chewing, and facial expressions is generally a flexible bar made out of bioflex, bioplast, or PTFE.   These types of materials are non-metallic, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible, meaning that they’re specifically designed for use in living tissue and will vastly reduce the likelihood of migration or rejection.

 self-threading flexible PTFE bars

Though the chin piercing may take slightly longer to heal than your average facial piercing, it’s definitely a viable long-term piercing, and it’s starting become somewhat of a trend amongst modification enthusiasts.  Due partially to its position in the chin or “beard” area, this is one piercing that’s actually seeing more popularity amongst young men, though it definitely remains a unisex modification.  It also makes a great addition aesthetically to already existing lip piercings like the standard labret, or symmetrical snake bites.

chin piercings paired with other symmetrical piercings


Get Your Bunny On

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Easter is almost here, and in the spirit of cottontails, cool eggs, and chocolate, we’ve just got one thing left to say: it’s time to get your bunny on.

fun Easter bunny belly rings

Playboy is a big name when it comes to bunnies, and with pastels, gems, and feminine detailing, these pretty picks are just the right combo of naughty and nice.

sweet Playboy bunny logo body jewelry

Wanna know more about Easter and the bunny connection?  Then check this out:

Like many christian holidays, some of Easter’s more interesting customs have purported roots in the ancient religions, including connections to early Germanic paganism and Babylonian polytheism via the goddesses Eostre and Ishtar respectively.   The original Northern European holiday venerating Eostre (pronounced like “Easter”) is even still celebrated in modern form by some neo-pagan and Wiccan groups, under the name Ostara.   As suspected, there are connections to both rabbits and eggs through both of the aforementioned historical veins, so it’s no surprise that the Easter Bunny has continued to be a popular figure even into modern times.  Although speculation over the connection of the goddess Eostre to the Norse Freya rages on, hares have been connected to both theological figures, and also to the Greek and Roman goddesses, including Aphrodite.  Furthermore, rabbits have been thought of as sacred animals by many civilizations over the years, particularly in the UK and Scandinavia.  Remember English author Lewis C. Carroll’s white rabbit from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?”  In the story, the only character that’s given the ability to move freely at will between the magical wonderland and the real world, is the rabbit.

historical Easter rabbit significance

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In the latest Body Candy YouTube video, team member Lulu shows off the various septum clicker pieces offered on Watch as she shows off various styles of Septum Clickers, from plain steel to gem accents. Lulu will also give a demonstration on how to fashion and take off the body jewelry pieces.

The septum piercing itself happens between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, also called the “sweet spot.” Typically starting at 14 or 16 gauge, it can be stretched to a larger size. Particularly piercing the “sweet spot” can cause a few tears; this is merely based on nerves versus pain. This piercing normally heals within a month and a half to three months dependent on aftercare and the individual.

 cool new clicker jewelry

There are many types of jewelry generally worn in a septum piercing including bead captive rings (BCRs), retainers, or septum clickers. Septum clickers are an innovative design in body jewelry. Simple to wear and easy to remove, these hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel clickers will save you both time and stress.

The unibody design of septum clickers includes a straight bar that goes through the piercing and a hinge to safely lock the bar into place. Without the hassle of threading on the body jewelry, clickers are convenient to put on and take off.

 easy to wear and remove septum pieces

Septum clickers are available in 16 gauge and 14 gauge, with an option of an 8mm (5/16″) or 6mm (1/4″) diameter.

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Helix Piercings

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piercings of the helix ear cartilage

The term “helix piercing” refers to any piercing of the helix portion of the human ear.  This type of piercing has been called many other names, but the most common is simply “cartilage piercing.” The helix can be pierced in various spots along the ear’s rim, and for most is able to be pierced in multiple locations.  Traditional industrial piercings pass through a portion of helix, but are distinguished from other sets of helix piercings by their connection via a single piece of jewelry.

 different styles of cartilage piercings

Like other cartilage piercings, the helix piercing is performed with a hollow piercing needle, and requires diligent aftercare.  Cleansings with saline or gentle antimicrobial soap are often recommended, along with avoidance of hair products, pool or pond water, and makeup.  Most helix piercings will pass through the initial phases of healing quickly, by around the eight to twelve week mark, but complete healing may take several months.

 caring for piercings

A variety of jewelry styles can be worn in the helix piercing, including BCRs and other circulars, stud style pieces, and barbells which can sometimes include a dangling element.  For those who have multiple piercings of the ear, more decorative jewelry that “connects ” their piercings to each other with chains can also be worn.  Some common combinations include helix to tragus, and helix to earlobe.

chain connector ear cartilage jewelry