Welcome Winter

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BodyCandy’s northern headquarters is in the middle of a land of snow, so since the cold season is officially here, we thought we’d share a bit about what makes our winter wonderful.

Winter Fashion

There’s nothing like a little faux fur and chunky knits to turn a cold weather frown upside down.

 fun winter furs and knits


Nothing beats the cluster of winter holidays that keeps us in decadent ice creams and left-over cookies until Spring.

 awesome oodles of cookies and ice cream

Hangin Indoors

‘Tis the season for dancing, karaoke parties, long phone calls, and epic Facebook binges.

 indoor winter activities

Chillin Outdoors

You’re never too old for a good old fashioned snowball fight.

 walking and playing in a winter wonderland

Cool Beards

When the weather cools down, the tattooed boys heat things up, with all sorts of fun beards and irresistible facial hair formations.

 modified guys and flirty winter facial hair


Both giving and receiving give us warm fuzzy feelings, and also an excuse to shop as we return scads of ill-fitting hideous sweaters.

 holiday gift giving

Ah, winter.  For better or worse, welcome.

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ladies piercing jewelry

We talk about body jewelry types, styles, and sizing all the time, but there’s one group of beautiful barbells that are almost always left out of body modification discussions: intimates.  So since gals with VCH piercings need love too, get ready, because we’re about to take the jewelry jabber all the way downtown.

For anybody who hasn’t seen ladies intimate piercing jewelry, here’s a little peak at exactly what this stuff looks like.

 ladies piercing barbells

Because of the standard hood barbell’s unique shape, it’s easy to spot amongst most jewelry collections, and due to the intimate nature of its placement, it’s usually composed of surgical steel or titanium.  To assist with putting the jewelry on and taking it off, these items are almost always internally threaded, meaning that the threads are on the removable tip, rather than the barbell portion.  The classic closure piece is a small flat disc, while the fixed end of the barbell may contain a gem or decoration.

 how VCH bars work

Alternatively, this type of jewelry can be made out of bioplast, which is a non-metallic, biocompatible material that’s flexible and hypoallergenic.  These modern, more pliable intimate bars will sometimes have decorations on both ends, or include a dangling charm of some sort.

 flexible womens piercing bars

For optimum sizing, you’ll want to know two basic measurements: the length, and the rise (for bioplast items, rise won’t be an issue).  Length is measured from the base of the ball or decoration to the beginning of the curve, while rise is the distance of the shorter extension between the curve and the base of the disc.  When choosing a particular style of item, the millimeter measurement of the ball may also be of interest.  After that it all comes down to a matter of taste.

 measuring for fit

So now that we’ve demystified the enigmatic ladies intimate piercing, buying naughty holiday gifts has taken on a whole new appeal, right?



Hurray for Hanukkah

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Hanukkah history and celebration

At this point we’ve pretty much all heard of Hanukkah, but some might not know exactly what it’s about.  Well Hanukkah, which officially starts tonight, is in the most simple terms, the commemoration of a miracle.

In 165 BCE, the Jewish people led the Maccabean revolt, winning back control of their holy temple in Jerusalem after many years of religious oppression.  As recounted in the Jewish holy text know as the Talmud, the temple needed to be rededicated, including the burning of kosher oil throughout the night.  But new oil would take eight days to extract, purify, and bless, and there was only one day’s worth of untainted oil at the ready.  Unbelievably though, this small amount of oil burned for all eight nights, which is why the Hanukkah celebration (sometimes also called the festival of lights) is eight nights long.

 lightin the Hanukkah menorah

During Hanukkah, the candles of the menorah are lit, the story retold, and traditional songs sung. Fried foods like jam-filled doughnuts and latkes (potato pancakes) are eaten, and gifts of gold coins, chocolate, stars of David, and dreidels are given to children, all to keep the memory of the great temple miracle alive.  Dreidel toys even have a direct connection to this remembrance, with their markings (the Hebrew characters Nun, Gimel, Hey, and Shin) forming the acronym NGHS for Nes gadol haya sham, meaning “a great miracle happened here.”

Playing traditional dreidel games (with chocolate gelt coins as collateral) is incredibly fun, and a great way to celebrate with Jewish friends and neighbors.  There are a few different versions, but here are the basic rules:

 the dreidel markings

All players start with an equal number of chocolate coins, and each puts a single chocolate into the center pot.  They then take turns spinning the dreidel, seeing which side is up when it lands.  When the dreidel lands with the “nun” character up, the spinner takes nothing from the pot.  When the “hey” is up, the player takes half.  “Gimel” he/she takes it all, and “shin” a single piece must be added to the pile.  Whomever can lay claim to all candies in play first is the winner.

Eight Days of culture, camaraderie, food, and gifts?  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a holiday like Hanukkah?

winter lip care

For those of us with lip piercings, winter can be a pretty rough season.  Dry lips are an ongoing issue year round, but during the cold season chapping and irritation can be especially brutal, ruining the look and enjoyment of our favorite piercings.  Don’t worry though, because we’ve got some tips on how to care for your smoochers at home that’ll turn your winter frown upside down.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your lips with a sugar scrub is a great way to gently remove dead skin, exposing the radiant layer below and leaving your pout feeling soft and refreshed.  Thankfully there’s an easy all natural way to do this right in your own kitchen.  All you’ll need is:

1 tablespoon of brown sugar (use finer caster sugar if your lips are especially sensitive)

2 teaspoons of honey

1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil (or evoo if preferred)

A resealable jar or tin

Just stir the ingredients together in a small bowl, add a couple drops of almond or vanilla if you like for scent, mix well, and pour into your container.  When you use it, rub the scrub into your lips for several seconds, let sit for about a minute, then wash it off gently with water.  Instant softness.

2. Invest in a sea salt wash or spray

These products are formulated with mineral rich sea salt, which not only assists with the healing of piercings and cuts, but also increases circulation to the effected area, boosts healthy cell regeneration, and helps the skin stay moisturized from the inside out.  Use your spray as directed in the area of your lip piercing(s), and dryness/irritation will be a thing of the past.

 H2Ocean Aftercare Products

3. Moisturize and Protect

Even with sea salt products in the mix, it’s always a good idea to regularly moisturize the lip area with balm.  This is another smile aid that can be easily concocted at home with a few simple ingredients.  You’ll need:

2 tablespoons of beeswax pellets, pastilles, or shavings

2 tablespoons of oil (extra virgin coconut or olive work best)

1 tablespoon of cocoa butter, shea butter, or petrolatum

1 teaspoon of honey

1 to 2 drops of natural food coloring for tint if desired

Combine your ingredients in the top pot of a double boiler or a glass jar laid in a pot of simmering water. Stir well until fully blended (don’t worry if it’s very liquidy), and pour into pots, jars, tubes, or sealable containers.  Leave to harden.

Now your lip piercings are looking fab, and you’re ready to pucker up under the mistletoe.

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Accessorizing your favorite holiday outfits can be a big hassle, but there’s three quick options that are both festive and fashionable (and also loads of fun).

1. Jingle Bells

Throwing on just a single jingling accessory keeps you in the spirit without creating overkill.  Just pick one statement piece, keep the rest simple, and you’ll be jingling all the way to a holiday party A+.

fun jingle bell jewelry

2. Mistletoe

Create your own stolen mistletoe moments with holly jolly jewelry that brings the decorations down to earth.  Just find your holiday sweetheart and let these kiss-worthy baubles do the rest.

sweet mistletoe body jewelry


If you prefer to fashionable under the radar, nothing says merry like some sweet and shimmery snowflakes.  Mix and match for a fun carefree look or go for glam with some crystals or glitter.

festive snowflake jewelry

Your holiday party look?  In the bag.

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Get big results from your little ones, with girls’ earrings by Disney, and fun temporary tattoos featuring glitter, glow, characters, Ed Hardy flash art, and more!

 young girls' earrings by Disney

fun temporary tattoo art for girls

Hit a high note with your tweens when you bust out youth earrings designed specifically for little ladies.

 fun colorful earrings for tweens

Or bring the holidays on sparkle style, with officially licensed jewels from brands like Hello Kitty and Sweethearts.

 sweet Hello Kitty licensed jewelry

colored heart necklaces by Sweethearts

Get it right for the teens on your list with bohemian dreamcatcher belly rings, trendy wrap ear cuff jewelry (that doesn’t require any extra piercings!) and fun double finger rings.

native inspired dreamcatcher navel jewelry

ear wrap lobe piercing cuffs

fun double finger cocktail rings

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the legend of Saint Nicholas

If you happen to be of Scandinavian, Slavic, or German ancestry, it’s possible that you’ve heard of a holiday called Saint Nicholas Day, which traditionally is celebrated today, December sixth.  The Saint Nicholas or St. Nick that we celebrate on this day is believed to be largely responsible for many of the Northern European and American versions of Santa Claus, but he definitely has a legendary presence all his own.

It’s believed by many that Nicholas began as a young man, who, after the deaths of his wealthy parents, received a hefty inheritance.  Already active in the christian church, the legend goes that instead of spending or holding his newfound wealth, Nicholas set about using it to the greater good: helping the poor and the needy.  As word of his selfless deeds spread across the land, he was eventually made the bishop of his homeland of Myra (an area along the southern coast of what is present day Turkey).

 Ancient Turkey

Many different tales of St. Nicholas’s kindness have been told over the centuries, including one that posthumously grants him credit for one of our most widespread Christmas traditions: hanging stockings.  The story tells of a poor man with three lovely daughters who was so destitute that he had nothing to offer for their dowries.  At the time (circa 330AD) a young woman without a dowry was unlikely to ever marry, leaving her to a solitary and struggling existence.  But according to the folktale Nicholas heard of their plight, and one by one threw sacks of gold through the family’s open window under cover of night that the ladies might each have a princely dowry afterall.

 why we hang stockings for gifts

The belief is that the coin bags each time landed within the family’s shoes, which were placed each night by the fireside to be warmed and dried.  Subsequently those who still celebrate Saint Nicholas Day leave a shoe outside their door, hoping to awake and find small gifts, coins, or candy inside.  According to some European legends, a horned fawn-like demon accompanies our Santa figure, leaving coal or small branches rather than gifts within the shoes of children who’ve been naughty.

Despite the stark and fervent belief in his existence, there remains no definitive proof that the bishop or priest named Nicholas was ever formally canonized, or that he even existed at all, but either way the lessons of his legend are the same: be nice and do good works, or you won’t find candy in your Christmas sock.

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Bonus Packs

Body Jewelry Bonus Packs are always good to have on hand, not just for an easy way to change up their look, but also as a backup stash of spare parts.  This way if body jewelry balls get lost at an inopportune time, just crack open the bonus pack, grab an extra, and go.

 body jewelry bonus packs

Stretching Kits

For modification enthusiasts who stretch their ears, a home stretching kit is an invaluable tool.  These kits come with nine tapers or tunnels that span a range of sizes, allowing any stretcher to adjust their lobe measurement in small increments from the comfort of their baño.

 9 piece home earlobe stretching kits


Whether piercings are new or seem like they’ve been there forever, every skin mod can benefit from a little extra TLC.  Premixed aftercare sprays, mouthwashes, and creams are cool, convenient, and great to have on the go.  No fuss, no muss.

 premixed piercing aftercare products

Jewelry Candles

If you want to give the gift of adventure and a little bling, look no further than the jewelry candle.  It’s a clean burning soy candle with a delicious aroma, that reveals a beautiful ring, belly ring, necklace, or earrings within the wax.  You just light it, burn it, enjoy it, and uncover a bit of sparkle than can be worth anywhere from $15 to $5000! Talk about a merry Christmas!

 Jackpot scented soy jewelry candles

Gift Cards

And finally, for the modified gift recipient that already has it all, never underestimate the value of a little buying power.  Gift cards to an online body jewelry store allow the pierced to shop at home in their jammies, for all of the barbells and belly rings that their little hearts desire.

 BodyCandy body jewelry gift cards

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body mod holiday gift tips

The holiday season is in full swing, and you might be thinking about getting jewelry for the pierced people in your life.  But how do you know what to get?  Well there’s a few basics that will definitely help to start, like knowing what people wear where.  Here we go:

Nose Piercings

There are actually a few different types of common nose jewelry, but the two most long-lived, classic styles are the nose screw, and the nose hoop.  If you see your pierced giftee wearing hoops a lot the decision is obvious, but if it’s usually a small stud, a screw would be the way to go.  (Other nose jewelry styles include the L-shaped, and the nose bone.)

 jewelry for nose piercings

Belly Piercings

If you’re overwhelmed with all of the options here, it’s helpful to remember just a few belly basics.  1) Although BCR (hoop/ring) style belly jewelry is cute, many persons who were pierced with a standard curved barbell can find it uncomfortable, so it’s best to stick with the curved or “banana bell” style.  2) Ornate or chandelier style dangles may look beautiful, but they’re definitely not practical for everyday wear.  Sticking with a small simple charm or a fixed decoration will ensure that your recipient gets more wear out of their piece.  3) For those who have the bottom rim of their belly button pierced, you’ll want to get what’s called a “top dangle” or “top mount” item.  Most standard upper rim jewelry won’t work very well here.

 jewelry for belly button piercings

Tongue Piercings

For piercings of the tongue, you’ll want to get a straight barbell, but what style you choose is entirely a matter of taste.  If your subject most often wears unembellished steel items, you’ll definitely want to keep it simple, and switching to a biocompatible non-metallic material like bioplast is a great option too, especially for persons who have complained of tooth or gum issues.

 jewelry for tongue piercings

Ear Cartilage Piercings

Piercings of the ear’s outer rim or “helix” are incredibly fun to buy for because there’s a range of options here that are universally well worn.  Standard studs are lovely if you’re keeping it simple, but dangle items and specifically helix earrings are definitely great if you’re looking for more personality.

 jewelry for ear cartilage piercings

For tragus piercings, just look for studs or small diameter circulars that are specifically labeled as tragus pieces.

 jewelry for tragus ear piercings

So now that we’ve had a successful huddle, we’re primed and ready for the final holiday shopping rush.  Break!

Instagram your hot holiday look featuring jewelry from BodyCandy for a chance to be featured on our main page at!  Just tag your look with #BodyCandy, and we’ll pick the coolest, cutest, and most sparkling jewelry and modification pics to post up on our homepage, so the world can see your style.

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