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Get into a more patriotic state of mind for the 4th of July with a body jewelry upgrade that will say something to the world about your all-American style!


Find a little freedom and justice for all of your favorite piercings here by clicking below for a perfectly patriotic selection from our red, white, and blue section!

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Upper Lip Frenulum (a.k.a. smiley, scrumper) Piercing

Welcomed to the world of piercing in the 1990s after gaining notice in a magazine publication, the smiley piercing has certainly gained popularity in recent years for quite a few reasons. The smiley is pierced through a thin strip of flesh that attaches the center of the upper lip to the gum plate; this little piece of flesh is called the upper lip frenulum, hence the official name of the piercing. Because of the differences found in size and shape of the upper lip frenulum, some may not have the ideal anatomy for this piercing, so be sure to check with your local piercer to see if the smiley is a possibility for you!

The jewelry that is typically worn in this piercing initially will be 18 gauge (1mm) to 16 gauge (1.2mm) in thickness and includes small diameter circular barbells, such as horseshoe rings, segment rings, or captive rings. Occasionally, a short length curved barbell may be worn in this piercing alternatively.


Some fun facts about the scrumper include that women are statistically more likely to have this piercing than men (let’s change that up, my pierced dudes!) and it is most commonly worn by those in the age range of 18-29. And one of the best perks about the smiley is the fact that this is a GREAT option for those who enjoy “secret” or easy to hide piercings.

The upper lip frenulum piercing takes around 4 to 8 weeks to heal and there are a lot of factors to consider prior to getting the smiley done at your local professional piercing studio. And that professional aspect is key for this type of piercing to prevent the possibility of injury since you’re getting pierced through the soft tissue of the gums. Consequently, this piercing has a risk of rejection and migration since it is pierced through such a tiny piece of flesh. Another risk with the smiley is the wearing down and chipping of teeth since as with all oral piercings we have a tendency to mess around with them in our mouth.

The smiley piercing is performed using a 16 or 18 gauge needle AFTER your mouth has been properly disinfected through the sanitation procedures of your chosen piercer.


As far as aftercare goes, it’s going to be pretty much the same as any other type of oral piercing such as the tongue or lip. Special mouthwash, such as the products offered on our site from H2Ocean, as well as sea salt solution should be used to clean your piercing several times per day, especially after eating food. To help the healing process along, it’s also recommended to stay away from things like smoking and overuse of lip products as well as to be careful while brushing your teeth!


So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect piercing to add a little extra shine to your smile or if you’re looking for the best option for a secret piercing just for you, the smiley piercing is definitely something to consider. Have any of your own piercing experiences with the smiley? Let us know in the comments!




Industrials (1)

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With the official start of summer just a little more than a week away, there’s plenty of cause to celebrate the incoming season of sunny vibes and warm weather! Don’t know where to start with all of this summer excitement buzzing about in your thoughts? I mean, there’s beaches to go to and sunscreen to apply and long neglected pools to fill! Well, even if we can’t help you out with your summer plans, we’ve got you covered with our summer themed body jewelry with styles for all kinds of beach bunnies (even if you don’t like the beach!).


An endless variety of belly button rings with summer, beach, and ocean inspired designs can be found both in our Cinco de Mayo category as well as our Martini/Happy Hour category (which includes fun tropical themed jewelry!). Don’t have your belly button pierced? Not to worry! There’s plenty of other options as far as summer body jewelry goes:

summercartilageearrings summerindustrialbarbells summernipplerings summerplugsandtapers

And that’s just the start of it all! Browse through our immense inventory to find a summer style all your own!

Please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below asking for the product numbers of ANY of the body jewelry featured in today’s blog post!


Frenulum Linguae (Tongue Web, Under Tongue, Marley) Piercing

This piercing is located where the connective under-layers (or the “webs” that distinguish the fenulum linguae from the rest of it all) that attach the tongue to the lower gum plate are found. The tongue web, which is what the frenulum linguae is more commonly referred to, is the part of our oral anatomy that allows us to speak, so some people believe that this piercing may influence or encourage those who have it to think more before speaking. The best part of all? This piercing is completely hidden (unless you’re intentionally showing it off), so it’s the perfect solution for piercing fanatics that aren’t allowed to have them visible for any reason.

this Body Candy fan wears a curved stainless steel barbell in her tongue web piercing!

While there is no specialized body jewelry for the tongue frenulum piercing developed for the market just yet, there are several options of general body jewelry types that are perfect for this location. The type of initial jewelry most often used for the tongue web piercing includes 16 gauge short (usually 6-8 millimeters in diameter or length) curved barbells (such as what you would find with eyebrow rings) or circular rings (such as with BCRs). Other options that people have been known to use include horseshoe circular barbells and curved barbell belly rings. Anything that is curved will suit this piercing a little better than body jewelry that is straight because of the natural curve of this area (though, remember: you and your body are unique, so trial and error is the best way to figure out the type of body jewelry that is right for your piercing).

Pro-Piercing Tip: If you’re thinking about getting your tongue frenulum pierced, then make sure you have enough going on under there to get it at all! Check with your local professional piercer to be sure that you have enough tissue present to make the tongue web piercing a possibility.


The tongue web piercing has a pretty short healing time of about 4 to 6 weeks total and is known to have a fairly easy process to heal. To clean this piercing, make sure to use a non-alcohol based mouthwash, such as that found in H2Ocean’s oral piercing aftercare products. Salt water rinses are beneficial as well! You’ll also want to be sure that you’re keeping your mouth as free as possible from food and other debris.


another Body Candy fan sporting a curved barbell in her under tongue piercing!

And, yes, you’ll also want to avoid things like swimming, smoking, alcohol consumption, and sexual contact until your piercing is fully healed. Unfortunately, since this piercing has a tendency to be rejected (basically, it comes out) than typical tongue piercings by your body, most people who get this piercing end up only keeping it for a few years. To help to hinder this outcome, make sure you use body jewelry that is composed from lightweight and biocompatible materials such as flexible Bioplast.

Pro-Piercing Tip: If you’re a smoker and plan on getting your tongue web pierced, it is recommended that you use electronic cigarettes/vapes for the first few weeks after the initial piercing because the vapor is a lot less harmful to you and your healing piercing than the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.


So, last week, we published a request for followers to respond with their experiences with tongue web piercings on our Snapchat story. Here are a few of our helpful pals that offered to share their Marley piercing stories with us:

One of our followers snapped us back with this: “…a great piercing to get if you want a piercing that is just for you. I got it because I could hide it for my job and because it was different. If you’re talking to someone taller than you, sometimes they can see it, but it’s definitely a conversation starter! Pain is a 4/10, I would say, and I hate pain!” Now, that’s some good news for all those afraid of that part! Our proudly pierced follower even went back after briefly retiring their piercing to get their web re-pierced, saying: “…missed it so much so I got it redone. That pain through scar tissue was an 8/10, haha.” What a trooper!

And as far as healing goes, one tongue web piercing expert had this to respond with: “The healing hurt worse than the actual piercing because underneath your tongue swells. It’s hard to eat for the next few days and it takes a few days to get used to it being there. A year later, I forget it’s even there now, but it’s still by far my favorite piercing.”

Still not sure about it? Another follower on our Snapchat replied with “My fave piercing and hardly anyone even knows I have it!” With all these reason to get your under tongue web pierced, what’s keeping you from doing it?! If you want it, go for it!

One thing about warmer weather and summer in the Northern hemisphere is that it also means that festival season is upon us! Our ad writer, Ann, embarked on her first music festival adventure of the season this past Memorial Day weekend in Chillicothe, Illinois at Summer Camp Music Festival.

The vibes and the music brought people from all walks of life together for a weekend under the hot summer sun, but there was one thing abundantly clear from the moment of stepping onto the grounds: body piercings were everywhere! There were many pierced babes, both male and female, frolicking about the fields and stages at the grounds of Three Sisters Park. Enormous stretched lobes, faces full of metal, and plenty of dangles and sparkles caught attention at every twist and turn, whether it was making your way through the crowd or swaying to the tunes. Although there seems to have always been a correlation between counterculture and body modification, seeing the two come together in such a welcoming and flamboyant environment was a truly beautiful event.


There was no shortage of adorable looks at Summer Camp, and as with most festivals today, there were many fashionable trends that made themselves apparent over the three-day weekend, regardless of how dirty everyone got. And the pierced styles were the best part! Let’s take a look at just a few of the many amazing body jewelry products we have to offer you that will gain you your fill of festival fashion while still ensuring a full wallet to enjoy the actual event!


cartilage_59528Keep calm no matter what this summer throws your way with this ohm symbol tragus earring with an antique finish to give your cartilage piercing a rustic look without the impatient wait for the antique status.





Carry Buddhist elements with you wherever you go on your journey to nirvana with this pair of 7/8″ double flared tunnel plugs with an Eastern-inspired Buddha head within the center of the tunnel that will serve as a reminder that not all worldly possessions are that bad (other gauge sizes are also available in this style).




nipplechain_hc5944Do you ever wonder why you got a nipple piercing if you weren’t going to show it off? Well, this handcrafted ohm symbol nipple chain can remind you that you can show it off whenever you’d like with some added sparkle thanks to the dangling accents created with Swarovski crystals.





bellyring_hc5465Elephants never forget, and you can be sure that your sense of style will be remembered with this gorgeous handcrafted dangle belly button ring, featuring gleaming details including an elephant charm and a plethora of blue accents created with Swarovski crystals.




industrial_59292Celestial sights are even more beautiful while camping for three days with your closest friends (both new and old). Remember the nights and commemorate the wild opportunities that emerge in the night with this industrial barbell with an intricate dreamcatcher-inspired dangling charm.





nipple_57111Tribal elements aren’t just for the battlefield – they’re also great for showing off some skin instead of protecting it, especially in the case of this dangle nipple shield with creamy green and pink synthetic opals decorating its Aztec-inspired design.





Another option for getting some opal action can be found here with this barbell nipple ring. Maintain a simple style while giving your piercing a much-needed heavenly upgrade with the white synthetic opals that decorate the mandala-like ends of this nipple jewelry.




Feel light as a feather with the natural look of organic areng wood with this pair of 7/16″ hanger plugs that feature an abalone shell inlay shining with iridescence. The unique look of these taper plug earrings thrive thanks to the intricately carved details and flawless craftsmanship from Urban Star (other gauge sizes are also available in this style).




Want a natural look without sacrificing your need for something sparkly? This pair of handcrafted o gauge double flared saddle plugs give you the best of both worlds with a Beechwood base supporting seafoam green and blue elements of a lotus flower and dangling accents created with Swarovski crystals.

celebrate LGBT pride month

No matter what way you choose to celebrate, whether it be a rally, a parade, or just plain showing support for the community, there’s more than enough reason to show your pride for everything and everyone LGBT for pride month in the month of June! Don’t have body jewelry or accessories to show your acceptance of diversity? Well, we’ve got you covered on our site with plenty of options ranging from rainbow plugs to male and female symbol spinner rings.

gay_symbol lesbian_symbol







From the year 1969 and onwards, to commemorate one of the most defining and culturally changing moments in LGBT history – the famous Stonewall riots – pride month has been celebrated as a time to reflect on the huge strides the LGBT community have made towards equality. Even more importantly: in the year 2000, President Bill Clinton officially declared June to be the designated month of recognition and pride for all those who identify and support LGBT, bringing us to the point we are today. So much in our world, especially in our home country of the United States, has changed in regards to the reception of the rights movement for those fighting towards complete LGBT acceptance, so this year, as well as the coming future, provide more and more reasons to celebrate this vibrant culture and become more educated and enlightened to ensure that we keep moving forward as a society in our diverse world.

What are your plans for LGBT Pride Month? Any parades, special events, or meet-ups in your area? Let us know in the comments!


While it may not be the time for our hometown team of the Buffalo Sabres to win the Stanley Cup (there’s always next year, right?), there’s still a great series of upcoming games in store for the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins as they battle for the ultimate prize in the NHL.


Make sure you get your style in the spirit of hockey season before it’s all over with our selection of officially licensed NHL body jewelry, which currently includes belly button rings, industrial barbell cartilage earrings, and barbell tongue rings featuring a logo inlay or charm of your favorite hockey team.


Want to know the schedule for the final games? Check out the official NHL page for their schedule or keep your eyes out for these upcoming games:

Game 1: Monday 5/30 at 8pm: San Jose @ Pittsburgh

Game 2: Wednesday 6/1 at 8pm: San Jose @ Pittsburgh

Game 3: Saturday 6/4 at 8pm: Pittsburgh @ San Jose

Game 4: Monday 6/6 at 8pm: Pittsburgh @ San Jose

Game 5: Thursday 6/9 at 8pm: San Jose @ Pittsburgh

Game 6: Sunday 6/12 at 8pm: Pittsburgh @ San Jose



Don’t see body jewelry for the team you rooted for this season? Let us know in the comments so that we can stock up for you to enjoy some hockey fanatic fashion yourself!

Spring is here, and you know what that means?! It’s time to show off your pierced side! Lucky for you, we have plenty of body jewelry options to accessorize for the season of renewal and to get ready for the coming summer weather! Flowers, cute baby animals, butterflies, and leafy foliage are just some of the springtime styles you’ll be able to browse through.

springstyles_bellyrings springstyles_cartilageearringsSPRING THEME- Jewelry Styles Large









SPRING THEME- Jewelry Styles Smallspringstyles_nosejewelry

Have questions about specific item numbers featured in this blog post? Don’t be shy, ask us in the comments!

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