Hot New Trends in Body Piercing


There are a lot of fun, new, and interesting piercings popping up all over the world these days, and some of them really caught our eye.  So here’s a list of some of the coolest, sweetest, most controversial new body piercing trends that left us in awe or just wishing we had the guts.

1. Bridge Piercing

 Piercing of the upper nose bridge

Just when everyone thought that nose piercing had reached the peak of its modification credit, piercings (sometimes multiple ones on the same nose) started popping up on the upper bridge of noses.  This trend is extremely fun.  It’s cute, edgy, and full of possibilities; everything you could want from a new type of piercing.

2. Third Eye Piercing

 Dermal Third Eye

Called the third eye because of its placement, this piercing can be done with a surface bar (which would also be called a vertical bridge piercing), or a dermal anchor.  While piercing the skin right over your third eye chakra might not realign your chi, it’s definitely a bold modification statement, especially when accompanied by tattooing or wild colored hairstyles.

3. Anti Eyebrow

 Piercing of the Upper Cheek or "Anti Eyebrow"

We’re not sure how it got its name, but the anti eyebrow piercing is an interesting surface piercing that is running away with itself.  Usually pierced on the upper cheek where the cheekbone meets the outer corner of the eye, this piercing is a sweet alternative nod to Japanese style facial piercing; piercings in unique and often untouched places that accent the largeness of the eyes or petiteness of the mouth.

4. Collar Bone Piercing

 Piercing of the Collar Bone

Admittedly a piercing of the collar bone area sounds a little hard core and maybe a tad painful, but as surface piercings go, they’re said to heal surprisingly well and offer a very interesting accent to any look that involves a bare clavicle. 

5. Vampire’s Kiss

 Neck Piercing

The Vampire’s Kiss piercing is becoming a new favorite amongst romantic gothic types and it’s easy to see why.  This surface piercing, sometimes tipped with red gemstones to emulate blood droplets, is located near the base of the neck and unmistakably references a vampire bite (hence the interesting name).  With movies and books like the Vampire Series from Anne Rice, the Underworld Trilogy, and most recently the Twilight Saga popularizing the dark beauty of vampires and the forbidden nature of their relationships with humans, the image of a blatant ‘bite” begins to have a whole different appeal.

6. Snake Eyes

 Horizontal Tongue Piercing

This is a neat, if slightly impractical modification to the standard tongue piercing: a barbell that goes through the tongue horizontally instead of vertically.  The resemblance to actual snake eyes is loose, but the piercing certainly needed a name that lives up to its rock and roll style edge, so who are we to argue?  The only thing that makes this a little less appetizing; it’s harder to speak and eat with a horizontal barbell at the tip of your tongue.

7. Corset Piercings

 Corset Surface Piercings

A fairly recent exploding trend, and still in its development, corset piercings are fast becoming the most controversial piercing around.  They started as a set of two rows of surface piercings in the back that would be wound through with ribbon to mimic corset lacing, but now you can find them on arms and legs, hands and feet, sides, bellies, necks, chests, and even fingers and cheeks.  Extreme?  Definitely.  ….but if you’re like me you can’t help but look at it and want one of your own.  Maybe in a few years.


  1. 閔吃骯 says:

    I just stumbled upon your site and i truly saved it. Very good information.

  2. 愛麗絲嚴 says:

    Corset piercing?! Really? Looks painful. Nice post though. I like the way you showed where they go instead of kinda explaining it and just making us guess like some other blogs about piercings do. I’ll definitely be back.

  3. Ayellah says:

    My friend got a vampire kiss piercing and it migrated and now it looks really stupid. if your going to get it, be careful when you heal it and go to a good piercer.

  4. Mika Heimler says:

    I got one in the same place they show in the picture and I didn’t have a problem at all and it healed up in like two weeks. I think it depends on how it heals tho, and I had mine done with a surface bar like they show here, a bar that has gems in it.

  5. Hanika says:

    Some good piercings, I enjoyed reading this and it has certainly primed me for future posts about cool new piercings.

  6. Fahrrad Fanucchi says:

    Your article is well thought out. Well done and keep it up! I hope the IU has a blog like this one soon. Cheers!

  7. Deedeedee says:

    So looking forward to getting my third eye done. Going to Cali next month and gonna do it there. Love the way gem dermals look. 🙂

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