What’s That Called?: Facial Piercing Names and Locations


As piercing of the face, ears, and just about anywhere becomes more popular, shopping for jewelry for ourselves or as gifts for others may be more confusing.  One surefire way to be certain you’re shopping for the right kind of jewelry for a piercing?  By knowing the name and location of popular body piercings and what jewelry can be worn there.  And like always, we’re here to help with a quick reference guide and study session.  Today we’ll cover facial piercings!

Piercings of facial skin or cartilage

Piercings of the face

There are few basic facial piercings that everyone should know before doing holiday shopping for pierced family members.  They are the eyebrow piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing, labret, monroe, medusa, dimples, nostril (commonly referred to as just nose piercing), septum, and bridge.

Names and Locations of Facial Piercings

As shown here, eyebrow piercings are generally worn with an eyebrow ring, which is a small curved barbell, while anti-eyebrow or “cheek piercings” tend to be worn with a surface bar.  Similarly with nose piercings, septum jewelry is usually a circular barbell like a horseshoe or BCR, while piercings of the nostril will always be referred to as a “nose ring” and come in five basic styles.

5 Basic Nose Ring Styles

The monroe and medusa are above the upper lip, and are almost always decorated with stud style jewelry, while the labret is below or on the bottom lip, and has a wider selection of jewelry styles due to location.  Hoop or “ring” type jewelry is generally the most popular amongst youth culture for piercings of the bottom lip.  Other styles of multiple lip piercing are shown below, and are pictured with the type of jewelry most often worn in each piercing.

Styles of Multiple Lip Piercings

For surface piercings of the face like the bridge, anti-eyebrow, and piercings of the eyelids, preference is key to picking the right piece.  While some have been pierced with a surface bar and continue to wear only this style jewelry, others will prefer to use flexible bioplast barbells or even regular straight or curved barbell items.  Or, in the case of rarer piercings like the “third eye” piercing, dermal jewelry may be needed.

Surface and Dermal Facial Piercings

Dermal piercings are done with a large gauge needle or what’s called a dermal punch, and go through the skin with a single hole instead of having both an entry point and an exit point.  The jewelry consists of two parts: one underneath the skin called an anchor, and some type of decoration that is visible and screws into the anchor.  This allows for the look of a single jewel or spike embedded in or “growing out of” the skin.  For types of microdermal or transdermal piercing in which jewelry can be changed, only the visible portion may be switched out or removed, and is usually referred to as a “dermal top.”

Microdermal Jewelry

Stay tuned for our next reference guide, and happy holiday shopping!


  1. Muser says:

    …wow…didn’t realize how many places on your face could be pierced. nice.

  2. mullaynee says:


  3. Lindz says:

    I have spider bites, but with three, not just two. Does anyone know if that has a name? I mostly just wear three small studs, not rings like the spider bite picture. But yeah, I don’t know if there’s a name for three in a row on one side like that.

    • Lorna says:

      For the most part they seem to be referred to still as either just spider bites or “triple lip piercing.” On occasion I’ve heard the phrase “super spider,” but I think it’s just a colloquialism used primarily amongst those who live in the state of New York. Kudos on your style. I love the way spider bites look when worn with studs! 🙂

    • Leeann says:

      They are called jupacabra bites (:

      • Nonwam says:

        lmao you suck

        • Lucy Orozco says:

          Lol omg i saw this girl with 3 piercings on the left side of her eyebrow not in the eye brow or cheek, nooo it was on the siiiiide on the siiiiide of her eyebrow but i dont know whats the name of it. does some one know whats it called?

          • Rob says:

            I believe you are referring to either dermal anchors, or skin divers. Both have the same general aesthetic results but the base that holds them into the dermis is different.

            Dermal anchors are held into the skin with an L shaped foot bar that has openings in it for the skin fibers to attach, making it the more permanent of the two.

            skin divers have a circular base with no openings so it does not attach fully to the dermis, making it easier to remove.

            i have had 3 dermal anchors at different locations, and from my experience the are very painless and have a very quick healing time. Removal is difficult, but not impossible, and most people cant tell they were ever there if done right. I have not had a skin diver done so i cant speak as to their merits or flaws.

  4. Amber says:

    What is a piercing called when you have a ‘Monroe’ and your bottom lip pierced on the same side? Usually wearing studs in both. Similar to the ‘Cyber bites’, but off to the side. The guy who did my bottom lip after I had my Monroe done reffered to them as ‘Cyber bites’, I just wanted to clarify.
    Thank you(:

    • Lorna says:

      I think your piercer was right on the money. I’ve mostly heard that type of piercing referred to as either a set of cyber bites, or a “half canine” (regular canine bites are Monroe and bottom lip piercings done on both sides). Whatever you choose to call them, I’m sure they look great!

  5. Nonalaé says:

    There are so many more facial piercings than that. Do some more?

  6. katelyn says:

    i have snake bites and i want to get a Monroe soon with it. does anyone know what that’s called or if there’s even a name for it? thanks 🙂

  7. Florence Thrasher says:

    I Got Snake Bites…but im soon getting like 7 more piercings. think its too much for a 13 yr old? lol i dont, i love piercing 😀

  8. emo stalker says:

    im 12 and a guy and already have shark bites and gauges and dolphin bites. now im thinking of some more. they all look so cool.

    • pierce freak says:

      awesome. your parent let you get those? well in my opinion you shouldn’t get more. not that its bad but all those together complete the face pierce look. any more would start to look weird. awesome you have those though.

    • BOTDF says:

      lol im thinkin of Sharkbitez :3 but i want more (13yr girl tbh :p )

  9. what says:

    i am 10 and i can’t have piercing

  10. Eskemo says:

    So I’m a girl and I really want a piercing on my face; i can’t decide between an eyebrow piercing and a lip (snake or spider bites). I really want a lip piercing, though I really don’t know. Say i ever wanted to take it out and get rid of it, would it leave a scar? Also i feel like it may get annoying, or in the way, like with eating or kissing or whatever? I know i could put a stud on it, so it wouldn’t be as in the way or anything, but i really don’t know. Anyone here with a spider/snake bite, or has had one that could help, or anything else that would be important to know? Also if i were to get one, i cant decide if it would be one, or two (why i keep referring to both snake and spider).

    • Natsu says:

      personally i think angel bites are the sexiest for girls

      • Derpina says:

        I’m 15 and i have my tongue, nose, bellybutton and lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too or would it hurt too much? would it also look hot cuz wat i have is you know the eyebrow hoop in my lip so its like a dot on top and one underneath it

    • sara says:

      I’ve got spider bites and i did them my self. im going to get a anti eye brow but im getting that done at a shop. maybe try something like a nose piercing, its the easiest.

    • alice says:

      I have my lip pierced with a 1.6mm (the normal piercing size) and it doesn’t get in the way of anything: when you eat, it doesn’t catch or anything because its tight on your lip. It can be uncomfortable for the first week or so but its fine. And kissing, you put a shorter bar in so its a snug fit on your lip so it doesn’t get pushed into your teeth… And if you get rid of it, it obviously leaves a mark whilst its healing but after its healed fully (after about a year or so, depending on how long you’ve had it done) they’re should be no mark whatsoever.. When I take my lip piercing out for job interviews etc, you can’t see there’s a mark there unless you look really closely. I wouldn’t get your eyebrow pierced as that does scar but a lip is fine.. And 1 lip piercing is just a labret where as 2 is either snakebites, spider bites, sharkbites…

    • Shadarahn says:

      I’m 15 and I have snake bites, at first for like maybe a week after i pierced them i had to tear my food up and put it in my mouth instead of biting the food, but after that i got used to it and its really easy now. As for the kissing, it depends on the rings/studs youre wearing. As long as theyre not topped with spikes youre good. and just… like… dont smash your mouth against the guy/girls mouth. And youll be fine.

  11. rebecca says:

    Hi im a mum of three and im twenty four … I have snakebites monroe eyebrow and tongue … Im going to get a medusa and an intimate piercing on sat 🙂 yay

    • ronni says:

      im thirteen with a twentysix year old sister and my mom has her nose done(on both sides), spider bites,her eyebrow(done in three diffrent places),and her belly buttion pierced. when she wears all of them she looks awesom and i think that its good to have all of them and even more done!

  12. AndromedaLynne says:

    This was very helpful, I’ve been a piercing maniac since I was legally able to get it done by myself. I’ve had several gauges and ear piercings (cartilage too), nipples, tongue web, and smiley. If I wasn’t going into the health field, I’d definitely look like a freak by now. (:

    • MilesOfKyles says:

      Do the cartridge piercings hurt? I’m really considering a nose and tragus ear piercing…

      • Rebecca says:

        I have tragus piercing in both ears and its just like getting the navel done there is a sharp pinch and then the pain is gone, but while the swelling goes down they are a bit uncomfortable to rest on.

  13. Jodi says:

    I have my lip pierced. I don’t think it’s called a Labret as it goes through my entire bottom lip. Is that called a Labret?
    Just wondered.

    • Lorna says:

      There are so many names for different types of lip piercing, but labret is kind of a broad-stroke term that encompasses pretty much all piercings of the lower lip. So while I’m sure that many people would refer to your piercing as a labret, you’d probably hear other names for it too. 🙂

    • 25andMarried says:

      The tattoo shop I Go to for piercings refer to that as a Vertical Labret when its strait up (vertical) through the bottom lip.

  14. Derpina says:

    I’m 15 and i have my tongue pierced, my nose pierced, my bellybutton pierced, two holes in my ears pierced, and my lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too? i also have firetruck red hair and im naturally a ginger.

  15. derp says:

    Is it possible to pierce the tip of ones nose?

    • Lorna says:

      Yes, actually. When it’s done horizontally it’s called an “Austin Bar,” and vertically it’s called a “Rhino Piercing.” There’s some pictures here if you’d like to see what they look like. Thanks for the comment!

  16. dellabee says:

    Yes,I love piercing I got my eyebrow,tongue, nose,upper lip an 2 brings out ur face make u look sexy.and thinking bout getting my anti eyebrow pierced also.

  17. Me Myself and I says:

    I’m in such a pierce-me-now mood, and it’s killing me because it’s 1:50 am, I have no pieces of metal, no ride, no money, and I live in bum-f***-Egypt. But anywho, I was wondering if there was a name for what I had- I have my bottom lip pierced on my left side, and then I had a Monroe on my right…?
    Well… I don’t have the Monroe anymore because all I had was a hoop to put in it and it just got in the way too much. And the bottom lip piercing I did when I was 13- there is no way in Hell I’m getting rid of it after 4 years.
    Hopefully my parental figure will take me to get Venom Bites on my tongue soon(I realize, this is a facial piercing page), but I want to get a reverse eyebrow- which this page says is called an Anti-Eyebrow(?), and canine bites really soon. As in, if I wasn’t broke off my ass and my parental unit would go with me- I’d already have them. Got an (illegal) tattoo but apparently another piercing is just too bothersome right now- people these days! xD
    I don’t think she would have a problem if I did it myself but I don’t want to f it up- it’s too important! xD and piercings are not really all that new to me- my ears are pierced all over, ever since I’ve been in a house where it wasn’t preached “If God wanted you to have a hole in your body, you would’ve been born with it,” I love piercings and I love gauges- I have a 9/16ths Jay and Silent Bob Gauge in my right ear and all the other ones in my ears are either the typical 20 gauge, or anywhere from 14’s to 8’s. And oh wow, I think I may have just vented- muh bad.
    Thanks for making this page broski 😀 much obliged :3

  18. Cruz says:

    GOD. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE body modification, I have angel bites and gauges, but I plan on getting canine bites and etc etc. I just LOVE body modification. Thanks so much for giving me so many more ideas to pierce!! xD

  19. Joliie says:

    Im fourteen(female) and have a septum my mom doesnt know about ;D Bellybutton, three ear piercings on each side, and just a nostril piercing i took out thinking it looked weird with my septum barbel. Was thinking about continueing piercings down the middle of my body. My mom has a labret, but its in the crease of her chin. I like it on the edge of the bottom lip, but was just wondering what piercings i should take into consideration

  20. gaelon says:

    im going to get snake bites YaY!!!

  21. gaelon says:

    if i get money or maybe my parents will buy them for me

  22. Malice voodoo says:

    I miss my canines:/ mostly wore studs unless it was show time haha

  23. maria says:

    these piercings are cute, but who gets an eyelid piercing? thats dumb as f@#$

  24. Jessie says:

    I have two piercings in one nostril, what would that be called?
    And how would I go about find jewelry that would twist through both holes?

  25. Lyssa Burrr says:

    I’m an uber maniac when it comes to piercings. ^.^ I really don’t care for the names, I just call them apart of me. <3 I have 8, I was thinking about piercing my vertical labret. I have Canines, septum, regular nostril, and my nipples done. I plan on getting more. They’re all just so lovely. They should post more to this website though because it is VERY helpful. I like to refer people to sites like these when they have questions/concerns.

  26. Allison says:

    If you have a Monroe but it is on the right side of your upper lip, it is called a Madonna

  27. Nytemarre says:

    Hmm.. I’d really like a lip piercing, but I’m not sure what… I’m thinking ’bout getting le spider bites, since my bf has snake bites x3

    ah, but the angel bites would be so ironic, since I’m considered to be “the devil’s child” in my school x3 decisions, decisions…

  28. Mei tenshi says:

    So I’m wanting to get snake bites and tounge piercing but my fiancé is against it. I really do want it but I’m afraid that if I get them he will leave me. Should I get them or should I forget about getting anymore piercings? I have a septum piercing already.

  29. ikillualldead says:

    ill be getting my frist percing ever at blue horseshoe…still can’t decide over a caninebites or snakebites

  30. reina pena says:

    I want nose pierce and snake bits

  31. reina pena says:

    can u get them fake for right now

  32. reina pena says:

    later I will get reals ones just not know

  33. Anam says:

    Hvn’t ny piercing yet !! But very soon gonna dun it ..still in dilemma over labret & Medusa ..!

  34. emilee says:

    Can someone please tell me what hurts more,
    A tongue piercing or a septum piercing…

    • Shane says:

      The septum and tongue hurt about the same I have both and they take this really long needle and jab it through your tongue

  35. Rahul sood says:

    Can the piercing be done to a little left instead of the third eye piercing that too with the eyebrow piercing eyebrow ring?

    I am a male and want to cover up a lipoma at the beginning of the eyebrow.

    Someone please tell me, this lipoma is eating up all my confiedence and i cant think of any better option

    • Jodie says:

      Hi there. You could ask a piercer to take a look at it for you! As long as there’s enough skin to go through, it should be fine. Or a surface piercing would probably work!

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