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Funk Off! Piercing Deodorant Aftercare

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Anyone who’s modified can tell you that from time to time, certain piercings develop an unpleasant odor. This is a result of a build up of dead skin and other possible residues such as shampoo, make up, or food particles. Keeping your piercing clean is the first and foremost step in maintaining healthy body modifications. But sometimes that’s just not enough, that’s where Funk Off comes in.

What is Funk Off?
Funk Off is a piercing deodorant. It’s all natural and made from plant fats and botanical oils, so it’s vegan friendly! It’s long lasting and very effective in eliminating unwanted odors. Funk Off comes in super cute, pocket sized tins that are great for on the go piercing maintenance. The company who manufactures this product boasts 100% customer satisfaction, so give it a try!

How to Apply Funk Off

  • Remove the jewelry
  • Open the product
  • Use your finger to massage the product, the heat from your body will melt it for easier application
  • Massage the product into the desired skin
  • Wipe off the jewelry and replace it into your piercing

Perfect for summer styling, these pieces feature gorgeous dream catchers, elegant feathers, and arrows. Inspired by Native American culture as well as the bohemian fashion movement.

Arrows have become quite the fashion symbol staple, appearing on everything from jewelry to clothing to skin in the form of tattoos.

Ear hangers and tapers are a fun option to break away from the classic plug or tunnel style. Organic material is particularly great as it’s gentle on sensitive skin and lightweight for all day wear. Natural Stone offers another option for sensitive skin and comes in a large variety of shapes and colors.

Sterling silver is the best of both worlds: high quality and reasonable price. Striking in appearance, these toe rings are a darling accent that exudes the essence of summer.

Pastel colors, plush dolls, and everything cute may seem childish but the kawaii movement is much more. Kawaii is Japanese for cute, lovable, or adorable. This popular fashion movement encompasses personal appearance, behavior, food, toys, clothing and entertainment. Related to this is the Lolita style, which is much like a pastel version of the Victorian look including: lace, parasols, petticoats, bloomers, and bows.

The Kawaii movement is in it’s original form, an act of rebellion. In 1974, Japanese women mostly in the teen aged group, rejected the traditional style of handwriting. They created their own new font called “kitten writing”. The characters in this font were bubbly and often included hearts, much like in English if you were to replace the dotting on an “i” with a heart. The girls began obscuring their words when speaking, mimicking a child learning to talk and often referred to themselves in the third person. Eventually the movement boomed and companies in the ever changing post-war Japan took notice. In particular Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty. They began by introducing their line of stationary, which served as a perfect canvas for the new kawaii font or kitten writing. Eventually the market moved into making toys, back packs, and other school supplies.

This big underlying point in kawaii culture is not to cultivate a woman’s sex appeal, but for her to be cute and beautiful rather than sexy. Japan is known for being a very strict culture and kawaii was a way to throw off the strict formalism that prevails over society.


The Many Gauges of Cartilage Piercings

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So you just pierced a new hole in your ear, but you’re not sure what size jewelry you should be looking for.

If your piercing was done with a needle in a piercing shop, they may have informed you of the size right there, but maybe you just forgot what your piercer told you. Or maybe your piercing was done with a piercing gun instead. Whatever the reason, if you’re curious as to what size a particular hole in your ear is, let me break it down a little simpler for ya.

An earlobe piercing that’s done with a piercing gun is a 22 gauge needle. Any standard size earring or post will fit you. If you’ve been pierced with a needle in a piercing shop, most likely you’re at a 20 or 18 gauge. No worries! The smaller the gauge the bigger the hole, so any standard size earring can be worn in addition to 20 or 18 gauge captive rings, cartilage studs, etc.

Cartilage/Tragus Earrings

*NOTE: If your cartilage piercing is done with a piercing gun, it will most likely be a 22 gauge piercing. You will want to look at standard size earring studs (like those shown above) rather than ones made specifically for cartilage piercings. It’s always good to check with your piercer for accuracy no matter what type of piercing (lobe or cartilage) so as not to stretch/damage the tissue.

For tragus, anti-tragus, helix, rook, conch and most cartilage piercings (any part of the ear other than your lobe) a piercer will use an 18 gauge (as seen above) or 16 gauge needle. Depending on the anatomy of your ear, the piercer may use a 14 gauge needle as well. Industrial piercings are typically pierced at 14 gauge. Most of the cartilage and BCR (captive ring) styles we carry come in both 18 and 16 gauge sizes. Captive rings also come in 14 gauge.

Cartilage/Tragus Earrings


If you’re anything like us, you love your plugs and tunnels! But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and maybe get a little fancy. Wearing a hoop earring through a tunnel is a great way to change up the old routine or to dress up for an occasion. Bring out your style with a variety of options:

Here’s a few ideas for tunnels to use with hoop earrings:

These lovely tunnels come in all sorts of colors, finishes, and sizes. Try a few different options out and play mix and match!

Avengers, assemble: Marvel has found the cure for what ails summer movies, this year in the form of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

While wunderkind Joss Whedon’s film The Avengers grossed $207.4 million during its debut weekend (giving it one of many records, including biggest opening debut in North America), Avengers: Age of Ultron is poised to Hulk-smash that record into smithereens. In fact, according to Boxoffice magazine, the film is projected to earn $217 million on its opening weekend in North America, making it the biggest feature-film debut of all time. Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket to Tony Stark, but a pretty impressive sum to most of us normal humans – and proof that comic books-turned-movies are hardly exclusive to nerds anymore.

This was truly a global project, thanks to not only its all-star cast, but the multiple locations worldwide where it was shot. Those who worry that the character they loved most from the first Avengers movie might not make an appearance? Rest assured that the mammoth number of actors signed on for this thing create a pretty good chance of seeing at least a glimpse or two (Loki fangirls – you know what I’m talking about). But since Joss Whedon claims he won’t be back for the subsequent Avengers adventures, this might be the last chance to experience the magic he’s so successfully woven into the franchise thus far, so savor away.

Why do we love the idea of superheroes so much? The theme of good vs. evil is as old as time itself, and the 21st century has been more than a little tumultuous. So perhaps it’s not too surprising that we love to lose ourselves battling the bad guys for a few hours on a hot summer night, either in a favorite air conditioned multiplex or under the stars at a throwback drive-in. Whatever way you choose experience your favorite superhero or heroine, adorn yourself with Marvel merch, assemble your friends, and cheer until you’re hoarse. Then maybe next weekend, do it all over again. Happy Summer Movie Season, BodyCandy fans!


Get the golden glow for summer you’ve always dreamed of. Gold jewelry is making a big comeback in trending styles and is perfect for completing that bohemian look.

Accessorize a bikini at the beach or add extra glimmer to an outfit, gold belly rings also make a great accent to a crop top.

Genuine 14kt yellow gold is a high quality alternative to standard jewelry and is a great gift for any jewelry connoisseur. All of our pieces featured here comes in many stones and styles!

One of the hottest current trends, septum clickers add exotic style and bring attention to the face. Add a golden glow to your complexion and goddess like adornments to your collection.

Adorn yourself as the ancient Egyptians would have thousands of years ago with gold plugs and tunnels.

Enhance your industrial piercing with gorgeous simple barbells and luxurious hanging designs. Switch up your look this summer and trade out that old silver barbell.


4:20 Lost in the Weeds

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I have heard all of the theories about the 4/20 Nativity, what the numbers really symbolize and signify. Was it a police radio code for a pot-bust? Or is 4:20 in the afternoon just the perfect time to kick back and light up? Does it really matter when, where and why 4:20 became a pseudo holiday in American counter culture? With so many different variations on the origins of 420, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds.

Celebrating the natural beauty of the cannabis is something that transcends the counter culture aspect of this day. While debates about whether or not to legalize it in the US rage on and everyone turns up the volume of their favorite Pink Floyd albums, just sit back and enjoy the day.


To say a body jewelry style belongs strictly to a certain demographic is silly. Humans are a complex species. No two of us are alike. There’s bound to be some overlap in personalities and interests, across all sexes, gender, race, etc.

It’s sometimes assumed that individuals who choose to stretch their earlobes are of some underground, hardcore form of being. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is pretty hardcore… hardcore awesome!

Stretching, much like any form of body modification, is an individual choice. For some it’s a journey of self discovery and awareness. It’s also just a cool way to accessorize! Have you seen our collection of new Acrylic Dried Spring Flowers Saddle Plugs?

No matter what your style is, you’ll have an easy time finding a pair of plugs, tunnels or tapers to match it. Don’t be afraid to show your effeminate side through body mod! If you think the only people who stretch their lobes are the stereotypical “goths” and “punk rock” kids, you need to check yourself…

And then check out these beauties, in all their delightful stretched lobe glory!


Jenny’s Industrial Piercing

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Come see Jenny get her Industrial piercing by James of American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

Money Shot at 0:39 and 0:47

 What is an Industrial Piercing? 

An Industrial piercing is actually two piercings, a helix and anti-helix, connected by a single barbell and is typically pierced at a 14 gauge.

Do I have to wear an industrial barbell or are there other options?

When you get pierced you can go with the traditional industrial barbell or ask your piercer for separate pieces of jewelry to wear until your piercings are healed. The advantage of this is that multiple cartilage piercings tend to stay tender and sensitive for many months and some people find that having the separate pieces puts less pressure on the affected area.

The Process

It’s Jenny’s first real piercing and we’re all super excited to see how she does! First James starts by cleaning the area and then marking both points where each end of the industrial bar will go through. He uses his tools to make sure the marks are perfectly straight and aligned. Next he applies a clamp to the first insertion area, then he pushes the needle through. He then moves the clamp to the second area and continues through with the needle still in the first hole, this creates a slight folding of the ear temporarily, once the needle is through both parts of the ear he corks the end of it to prevent any injury. The barbell jewelry is then pushed through, following the needle out of the ear. The ball end is screwed onto the barbell and then the area is cleaned.


It’s common for your ear to feel hot and burny right after you get it pierced and for a few days after. Many people find taking Motrin helps reduce the pain and swelling. An industrial piercing typically takes 3 to 9 months or longer to heal.