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Trending: Rose Gold Body Jewelry

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One of the hottest trending pieces this year, rose gold body jewelry creates an aesthetic of luxury. These pieces go great with everything from evening wear to a swim suit, and pair particularly well with tanned skin and white fabrics. If you’re tired of steel or white gold, but yellow gold isn’t really your thing, try rose gold as an alternative. It’s warm tone compliments most skin and is a definite eye-catcher!

Looking to switch up your style without any commitment? Faux septum rings are the way to go, these luxurious and exotic styles add mystery and allure to any look. These darlings can also be layered or paired with pierced jewelry as well.

Adorn your delicate digits with beautiful cocktail rings, get the high fashion look without the price tag. Available also in mid ring styles, you can mix, match and layer these stunning styles to put the finishing touches on your ensemble.

Find all of the pieces in these sets by checking out our Polyvore!


Summer Style: Crop Tops & Belly Chains

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If you’ve set foot into a women’s clothing store in the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed there’s a trend towards shirts that are not a full shirt. Like the 90′s belly shirt trend, crop tops are coming back with a vengeance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve decided against purchasing a shirt because my bare midriff showing just seems so… bare. High-waisted shorts and maxi skirts are one way to complement the crop top look. If that’s not really your thing, you might want to try going the accessories route.

Have your navel pierced? Show off a flashy belly ring!

Still not enough? Lucky for you, belly chains are also back in style.

Even if you don’t have your belly button pierced, you can rock a non-pierced belly chain.

Crop tops aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well find a way to make them work. Plus who doesn’t love an excuse to show off their body mods?!

Avengers, assemble: Marvel has found the cure for what ails summer movies, this year in the form of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

While wunderkind Joss Whedon’s film The Avengers grossed $207.4 million during its debut weekend (giving it one of many records, including biggest opening debut in North America), Avengers: Age of Ultron is poised to Hulk-smash that record into smithereens. In fact, according to Boxoffice magazine, the film is projected to earn $217 million on its opening weekend in North America, making it the biggest feature-film debut of all time. Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket to Tony Stark, but a pretty impressive sum to most of us normal humans – and proof that comic books-turned-movies are hardly exclusive to nerds anymore.

This was truly a global project, thanks to not only its all-star cast, but the multiple locations worldwide where it was shot. Those who worry that the character they loved most from the first Avengers movie might not make an appearance? Rest assured that the mammoth number of actors signed on for this thing create a pretty good chance of seeing at least a glimpse or two (Loki fangirls – you know what I’m talking about). But since Joss Whedon claims he won’t be back for the subsequent Avengers adventures, this might be the last chance to experience the magic he’s so successfully woven into the franchise thus far, so savor away.

Why do we love the idea of superheroes so much? The theme of good vs. evil is as old as time itself, and the 21st century has been more than a little tumultuous. So perhaps it’s not too surprising that we love to lose ourselves battling the bad guys for a few hours on a hot summer night, either in a favorite air conditioned multiplex or under the stars at a throwback drive-in. Whatever way you choose experience your favorite superhero or heroine, adorn yourself with Marvel merch, assemble your friends, and cheer until you’re hoarse. Then maybe next weekend, do it all over again. Happy Summer Movie Season, BodyCandy fans!



Faking it in Style: Clip-On Septum Jewelry

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It’s no big surprise that the most of the people you know have some kind of piercing. Ears are the big ones, with a whopping 83% of Americans having their lobes pierced. And not just the lobes, but tragus, cartilage, and daith rounding out some of the other areas where ears tend to attract holes. Some of the other popular piercing spots are the belly and nose, both of which require a little bit of commitment to maintain (not to mention the pain factor when it comes to actually getting the piercing). But what if you want to be on top of what’s trending without making a sometimes-irreversible hole? 

Fake it, friends. And do it flawlessly.

In this post, we’ll talk about the trend that has really run away like a freight train, and the non-pierced alternatives: septum clickers.

While the number of people with pierced ears is high, only about 19% have their nose pierced (the stats don’t differentiate between a nostril piercing and septum piercing; while the nostril piercing is currently more common than a septum piercing, by what percentage? That’s anyone’s guess). So what’s an otherwise cool individual supposed to do if he or she wants to rock the look and avoid any long-term consequences? The answer: clip it on. No pain, no needles, no messy break-up when it’s apparent the relationship just isn’t working.

Thanks to a new batch of non-pierced septum rings and hangers, it’s possibly the easiest thing in the universe to replicate the style of your modified chums. Using the imitation septum ring is as easy as stretching the piece as wide as necessary to insert, then pressing the ends gently together to create a comfortable fit. And with metals ranging from silvery stainless steel to warm rose gold IP – bejeweled or unadorned – stealing the look also has options for just about anyone. Added bonus: giving the not-as-open-minded relative a minor shock, which never, ever gets old.


clip on ear jewelry

Clip earrings are essentially any style of earring that can be worn without necessitating a piercing for its use. There are two basic types of clip earring: lever back, and screw back.  And the difference is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Lever back pieces involve a hinged lever that opens wide and then is re-shut to hold the item onto the earlobe, while screw back items literally screw into place.  They screw open to create a space for the lobe, and then twist back in the other direction to tighten, and can be worn as tight or as loose as you like.

different clip-on earrings styles

For those who have allergies, these items will often be available in silver, gold, or titanium plated options, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction by omitting lead and nickel.  This is also true of many ear cuffs, which are an awesome option for those who like the look of cartilage earrings but don’t want the commitment involved with an actual piercing.  Ear cuffs come in a variety of styles, but the most common are simple single cuffs, more ornate single cuffs with dangling decorative elements, double cuffs, and cuffs that extend down the ear, sometimes called “wrap cuffs.”

 nonpierced ear cuff styles

All of these items are completely piercing free, but can sometimes be worn by those who are pierced as well, either in conjunction with body jewelry, or in place of it.  So check out the fabulous world of clip-ons, and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

beautiful gothic clip earrings

good-natured fun on April Fools Day

Remember April Fools pranks from when we were kids?  Whoopi cushions, hand buzzers, that nasty tasting joke gum…  A few things have changed since then, but hopefully our senses of humor haven’t.  After all, even adults need to have a little laugh once in a while, right?

As long as your tricks are harmless, good-natured, and don’t involve any vandalism, there’s no reason not to pull a few choice legs, especially if it ends up brightening someone’s spirits.  So take a little time out for some light-hearted fun today.  We promise we won’t tell.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Send your friends or coworkers hilarious anonymous e-cards.

BodyCandy e-card

2. Change your voicemail greeting to “Hello?  Hell-ohhh?  Is anybody there?…”

3. Make some caramel-covered onions and leave them somewhere on a tray labeled, “Caramel Apples.  Help yourself!”

4. Change your friend’s cell phone background image to a photo of broken glass when they leave the room.

5. Fake new tattoos or piercings with clip-on jewelry or temporary tattoos.  (This one is a great prank to pull on your parents.)

 illusion clip-on piercings

Just make sure that you come clean at the end of an awesome prank, even if it only means yelling, “April Fools!”

For centuries, people have enjoyed playing practical jokes on each other on April Fools Day. Whether it’s putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl and waiting for your roommate’s panicked screams to echo from the bathroom, or some sort of elaborate lie about the death of your friend’s favorite celebrity, the day is perfect for messing with someone you love (or hate). So, here’s an idea:

 most pierced woman in the world showing her jewelryElaine Davidson, most pierced woman in the world

Wouldn’t your youth pastor freak out if he saw you looking like that? Wouldn’t your children? That’s the beauty of temporary body art; Its fun, painless and, of course, temporary. Good for giving a little more edge to your look, adding a splash of color to your pallor, or giving your dentist something to look at during a teeth cleaning. Not to mention, of course, the many different practical jokes you can play on your grandparents, parents, little sisters, or just plain gullible friends by slapping on some tattoos and a couple fake nose rings, or rocking a cheater plug or two.

woman wearing fake facial piercingsa woman wearing fake facial piercings

Whether you’re already pierced or not, you may be wanting a piercing in a specific spot for your Halloween costume.  That’s where fake piercings come in.  Faux piercing jewelry has gotten a lot better and more realistic since the days of stick-ons and spring clips, and with a set of illusion rings or cheater plugs, it’s never been easier to get the look you’re aiming for painlessly and temporarily.  Just take a look.

These are standard illusion rings:

Standar Illusion Rings for Faux Piercings

They come in two styles, one with a moveable ball to look like a ball captive ring, and one without that fakes the style of a continuous hoop or “segment ring.”  The end with the flat bar goes on the inside area of your faux piercing (like inside your bottom lip, nostril, or ear cartilage), so that it’s hidden and doesn’t give anything away.  The free end is what’s seen from the outside, and often appears so realistic that even up close nobody can tell.

How to Wear Illusion Rings

To fake a row of multiple piercings in the same spot, like a line of helix piercings at the upper ear cartilage or a set of spider bites on the lower lip, a double or triple illusion ring of either style works like a charm.

Faux Multi Piercing Rings

Depending on where you’re planning to wear illusion jewelry, the hoop may need to be pried open gently to fit.  Common places that faux piercing jewelry works well include the belly button, lips, nostrils, septum, ear lobes, and various places on the ear cartilage.

To simulate the look of a stretched lobe piercing, cheater plugs are a great fix.  A cheater plug has wide removable ends that mimic the look of a 0 gauge plug, but with a small, 16 gauge center that fits through most regular piercings.

Faux Plugs for faking a stretched piercing

These handy little items come in almost as many styles as real plugs and tapers do, and when used correctly they fake the look of a gauged piercing so well that people may ask you where you got those awesome plugs.

Faux Plugs and Tapers

Cheaters are most often worn in the ears, but standard straight faux plug styles can be worn in other piercings as well, like labrets, monroes, and some cartilage piercings.

So if you’re in need of quick and painless fix to make a Halloween costume accurate or more appealing, faux piercing jewelry is definitely the way to go.  And when people compliment your awesome piercing, just smile and say, “thank you.”

Follow our BodyCandy video correspondent, Kelsey, as she shows you the ins, outs, and valuable info on one of our favorite, cool Body Candy products: faux body piercing jewelry.  Lets watch!

“Hi guys.  I’m Kelsey from Body Candy dot com.  Today I’m here to tell you about cheater plugs, and illusion rings.  Now these are great, because if you don’t want to make the commitment to go through the process of actually gauging your ears or getting the piercing that you want, you don’t have to anymore.  We have the solution.  Cheater plugs and illusion rings give you the desired look you want without making a permanent decision.”

“Now let’s talk about cheater plugs,” she lifts one up so we can see.  “Cheater plugs are essentially a regular earring, with imitation plug pieces on either side.  To put them in, you simply put it through the back, and screw on the front.”

She effortlessly inserts the back portion of the earring through her piercing, screws on the front, and turns her head to show the camera.

“And there you go.  You have an earring that looks like a plug.  This is a taper style,” she points out each in turn, “and we also have regular plug styles too.  It’s a simple way to get the look of a stretched lobe piercing without actually stretching your lobes.

“Next, we have illusion rings, of which we have three styles: we have the single style, the double style, and the triple style.”  She holds each up while going through the different types.

“These are made to replicate BCRs, standard hoops, and standard rings.  To simply put one on,” she raises a single ring to show us how it’s done, “you take the ring, stretch it to where you want, and slip it right on.”

The ring now sits comfortably on the side of her lip, looking just like a real lip piercing.

“You can slip this on your nose, your eyebrow, your ears, your belly,” she gestures, “and you have an instant, realistic piercing.”

“Also if your sports activities or job doesn’t allow you to have these types of piercings or gauges, you can just take it out, and go back to normal.  You can have an instant piercing for the day or for the night.  So come check out cheater plugs and illusion rings,” she smiles and points to her new faux lip piercing, “and fake it, with Body Candy.”

Illusion Rings and Cheater Plugs

We’ve all seen some pretty awesome looking piercings, on live individuals, on television, and in popular magazines.  The look of body piercings and color tattooing is fresh, and edgy, and you can’t help but wonder “what would I look like with that piercing or tattoo?”  Well now you can find out, without the pain, extended healing time, and monetary expense, and we’re going to show you exactly how.


To fake a piercing, you’ll need a piece of clip-on illusion jewelry.  This type of item is usually a ring and will have a small flat surface at one end to help hold it in place.

Faux Body Piercing Jewelry

Illusion rings can fake the appearance of a hoop, segment ring, or ball captive ring, depending on whether they have a moveable ball attached and where they are positioned.  To use the jewelry, fit the ring where you want your fake piercing to be, adjust the size of the opening accordingly with your fingers or a pair of jewelry pliers, be sure the flat end is on the inside of the lip, nose, ear, or belly and can’t be seen, and voila.

Clip-on rings are also available in sets of two or three rings attached together to one frame.  This way you can easily fake multiple piercings of the same area without having to attach separate rings or worry about movement.

Single Double and Triple Faux Piercings

Just like real piercings, faux piercing jewelry should be regularly cleaned with antibacterial soap, and exposure to products containing alcohol should be avoided to preserve color and finish.

A list of piercings that can be faked with this type of non-pierced illusion ring includes belly piercings, lip piercings, nostril piercings, septum piercings, helix piercings, conch piercings, and tragus piercings.

Faking BCR and Hoop Piercings


To fake the look of a gauged piercing, you’ll want a cheater plug.  This type of faux plug is essentially a regular earring, but with a large imitation plug piece on each side to create the illusion of a stretched body piercing.  There are even o-rings attached to some of these styles to really mimic the appearance of a full sized plug.

Faux Plug Piercings

Cheater jewelry comes in regular plug styles, tunnel styles, and taper styles, and is incredibly effective at completing the illusion of gauging.

Faux Plugs, Tunnels, and Tapers

Although this type of faux plug is primarily used in the ear, it’s possible to wear them in other piercings of 16 gauge size, like labret or upper ear piercings.


Making a temporary tattoo look real is difficult work, but it can certainly be pulled off if you know what to do.  First off, try to avoid temporary tattoos that are too large, have glitter, or come in extremely bright or neon colors.  All of these things will give the tattoo away as being a fake.

How to Make Fake Tattoos Look Real

Next, cut around the design as close to the color edge as possible; the less shiny clear coating around the coloring the better.

How to Cut Temporary Tattoos

Then, shave the area you’re going to tattoo, and moisturize with light lotion or facial moisturizer.  Apply the tattoo as directed.

Once the tattoo is in place and has fully dried along with the skin around it, set it with some mattifying face powder.  If you’re tan and the coloring doesn’t quite match, dust your new tattoo with a hint of bronzer, or if you’re trying to fake a new tattoo, apply some vaseline (new tattoos must be regularly rubbed with ointment to help the healing process).

Now you’re ready for costume parties, holiday dress-up, or just a fun night of amazing new body art and modification that can be taken off later!