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It’s happening. Your piercings are about to be the object of attention on one life’s most judgemental runways: THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. The question is: are you ready? Are you missing key pieces and jewelry supplies? We are here to help.

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So, what does it mean if your body jewelry is annealed?

When you see the word “annealed” to describe a metal object, that means it has gone through a heat treatment process where the metal is then cooled very slowly in order to reduce the immobility of the hardened state. That means that body jewelry that would normally be non-adjustable can be transformed into a flexible version of the same durable material. What does this mean for you and your pierced style? Now we can achieve seamless looks that do not require tools and can bend easily to create a more customized fit for you and your piercing.

Our new d-rings are currently available in 16 gauge with post length options of 5/16″ (8mm), 3/8″ (10mm), and 1/2″ (12mm). Check ’em out and try out a new style that’s sure to please your need for a dainty septum ring look or some close-fitted cartilage ear candy coordination. These versatile examples of annealed body jewelry feature rounded-off ends that can be twisted open to fit into your piercing and then twisted shut again in an s-curve movement for a secure fit wherever you choose to adorn.

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The BodyCandy excitement continues, as team member Ashleigh goes “under the needle” and gets her nose pierced! Of course, we went and saw our good friend James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

Ashleigh’s nose piercing begins, using a hollow receiving tube on the inside of her nostril to prevent the piercing needle from poking the inside of her nose. Once the tube is in position, James pushes the piercing needle through Ashleigh’s nostril, removes the hollow tube, and corks the exposed end of the piercing needle. He slides the remainder of the needle almost all of the way through. Grabbing her jewelry next, James follows the rest of the needle through with Ashleigh’s sparkly new nose ring right behind.

Healing time: 3-4 months

Initial Jewelry: Nose Screw

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New Body Jewelry Style Alert! 

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Check out our new selection of easy-to-insert jewelry for your cartilage, lip, septum, nostrils, and more! is familiar with the recent debate about piercings as a tool in the management of chronic pain. After receiving several follow up questions to Ann’s March 8 blog post: “Can the Daith Piercing Cure Migraine Headaches?” (which you can check out by clicking here) we wanted to delve deeper into the discussion of piercing in relation to acupuncture. Yay, research!


“I’m an English major, guys. I love this nerd stuff”–Me

In this first segment of “On Pins and Needles,” I’m going to summarize my basic findings. In part two, available next week, we’ll discuss the hard facts available on this complicated subject.


Head to and his “Confessions of a Piercing Nerd” blog for the perspective of a humorous skeptic who happens to be a piercer too!

Available information on acupuncture and pain management through piercing suggest one clear fact: There aren’t many facts. There is, however, lots of discussion. Three main voices emerge in the argument for and against the combined practice:

  • individuals getting pierced: testimonials!
  • piercing professionals
  • acupuncturists studying both

Common discourse today revolves around the daith piercing (shown to the right–>) but further research reveals a more in-depth discussion.

The following bullets contain an initial summary of the established facts and strongly held opinions of individuals and professionals involved with this topic: 

  • Most accredited acupuncture associations are hesitant to take a stance on permanent piercings and acupuncture, claiming insufficient study or that fields like auriculotherapy (a relatively modern evolution specialized at the ear) are too far removed from traditional practice to comment on.
  • Testimonials by piercers as well as people who have gotten their daith and other acupuncture points pierced come in all shapes and sizes. Claims of no effect, partial or completely reduced pain for two weeks to one month, and emotional accounts of total relief from pain are all common.
  • Very few piercers are trained in acupuncture or work closely with acupuncturists. Reputable professional piercers speak on this issue with caution because of laws that restrict offering opinions that could be misunderstood as medical. If your piercer is claiming direct knowledge in this area, follow up. Ask questions! Don’t be fooled by opinions or inexperience.
  • Very few acupuncturists are trained in the art of piercing or work closely with piercers, though they tend to be versed in the effects of interruption of the body’s natural energy flow–Qi–and the effects of scar tissue on frequently used acupuncture points. While this knowledge isn’t specifically based on piercing experience, some of it still applies.

Check back next week to hear more about what I learned about permanent piercings and acupuncture treatments. Click here to reach Ann’s original blog post discussing the Daith and Migraines.

Click here for Part Two of “On Pins and Needles,” (available Friday, July 15th) and here for Part Three (available July 29th) to learn about a few of the related facts and studies that I discovered! Have some experience with our topic? Let us know by leaving your comment!


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BodyCandy team member Liz decided to get her second nose piercing done recently. “I didn’t really have any expectations, other than having a needle go through my nostril,” she said. That’s the beauty of being pierced and proud!

Of course we headed to American Skin Art (located in Buffalo, NY) to let James work his magic.

“It was the best piercing experience I’ve ever had, honestly. James at American Skin Art was nothing but professional through the preparation, physical piercing, and even after.”

Liz’s nose piercing started just like all piercings do, with some quick cleaning to sterilize her nostril for the piercing. James was careful to measure perfectly so that both sides of Liz’s nose would line up symmetrically. The piercing itself involves inserting a hollow receiving tube into the nostril, which will prevent the needle from poking the inside of the nose. Liz takes a deeeeep breath, and James then pushes the needle through. The tube slides out of the nostril, and James attaches a cork to the exposed sharp end of the needle.

James then pushes the needle the remainder of the way through the piercing, following closely behind with the jewelry. “The most uncomfortable part was the transition from the needle to the actual jewelry, just the same for any other piercing,” Liz said. And that’s that!

“The piercing itself is not painful by any means. There’s a bit of noticeable discomfort while smiling and yawning. You realize just how much you move your nose with a fresh nostril piercing! Other than that, the piercing only causes a dull ache that is easily forgotten. I haven’t experienced any swelling yet, and it’s been almost five hours after the piercing.”

Healing Time: 3-4 months
Initial jewelry: Nose screw

International Body Piercing Day

If you didn’t already know, today – June 28th – is International Body Piercing Day! YASSS! This awesome holiday is celebrated on the birthday of a person we all should be grateful for if we have a piercing in our body: Jim Ward, the man who is best known for the innovations he brought to the industry of body piercing, including the internally threaded barbell (I love internally threaded everything, so this was an interesting fact for me personally!). Today is a day meant for continuing the ongoing legacy that Jim Ward started for us pierced folk, which is promoting the education and awareness of both the culture surrounding body piercings and the proper safety standards that should be practiced with them.

Fun Tip: Many piercing studios celebrate today with offers that will have you running to get that waitlisted piercing you’ve been wanting, so if I were you, I’d check out your social media accounts and hunt for any postings of deals around your area!

Even if you don’t celebrate by getting a piercing today, you can treat yourself to a little something new for your piercing with our huge selection of body jewelry trends, including:


Click on the above image to try on one of our awesome nipple rings for a style that’ll put your breast above the rest. From looks that’ll make you feel like a bohemian goddess to classy shields and barbells that will bring you to a timeless era, these best-selling nipple rings will make you want to show it off. Whether you choose to do so or not is all up to you!


We all know there’s no such thing as too many belly button rings, so why not take a look at our most popular navel rings of 2016? From the still rising trend of synthetic opals to top mount and double mount dangles, there’s no shortage of unique styles, including plenty of our handcrafted creations. Just click on the image above and thank me later!


From your head to your toes – don’t forget about your nose! Even if you prefer a simple look, maybe it’s time to upgrade your nose ring look to something that reflects your multi-faceted fashion sense. Browse by clicking on the above examples and you’ll see what I mean – who knew that there could be so many choices to decorate your nose piercing?!


To learn more about the culture behind body piercings and body modification, just click here 🙂

Today of all days gives us PLENTY of reasons to celebrate our modified bodies, so don’t be a stranger – tag your photos on social media with #bodycandy or #bodycandyshoutout so we can see all your beautiful pierced faces (and torsos, and ears, and…you know the drill!). Oh, and make sure to snap us your #piercedselfie on Snapchat! Our username is the same as our website:!




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